Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Good Morning and O-Boy Is Here

Good morning, good morning. Owen is here and fought going back to sleep. We went out to the porch swing where morning was coming on gently and the birds sang him back to sleep and the cars went by and I held him in my arms and noticed that all of the lady spiders but one have disappeared and I wonder where?
And now, I too, am going back to bed. To breathe a bit, perhaps, and practice mindfulness until I am in mindlessness and then, sleep for me too.
Good morning.


  1. What a welcoming good morning and then back to bed for more sleep.

    What a good idea, when here on the other side of the world we're heading for midnight.

  2. Morning, lady! It's rainy here... rain drops pushing around the humidity...
    Enjoy the morning mindfulness and rest!

  3. Looks like a good day to sleep. It is overcast and drizzling here.

  4. I want more sleep so very, very badly this morning.

  5. Good morning! And have a great day with that little boy.

  6. Good morning (now afternoon) to you!

    Love from Buttfuck,


  7. To All- It was not a great sleep. The boy wanted to flop all over me repeatedly. Which was sort of fun but not too restful. He seemed quite rested, though.


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