Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Heat Stroke

I almost screwed the pooch this morning. I waited until it was too late to walk and that's just the truth. I wanted to take pictures so I took my camera and somehow stopping is worse than just keeping on going. Plus, I walked down to the river because I hadn't done that in a while and I wanted to see it. My soul told me to and so I did but I think I would have been better off if I'd checked with my physical being first.
Well, these things happen and I lived and I'm home and I went out to refrigerator in the garage and cut some melon for the chickens and found a Gatorade and I'm actually drinking it.
I haven't drunk Gatorade since I was in labor with Jessie and she's twenty-one years old.

Anyway, I got some nice pictures. Would you like to see them?
I hope so.

I took about fifty pictures of clitoria but only a few came out. I like this one a great deal

because as you can see quite clearly, the labia has been pierced. Plus, it's in focus. Relatively.

Here's one which you may have to click on if you want to see a butterfly sipping from the sweetest part of the flower.
And may I just remind all of us that flowers are indeed the sexual organs of a plant and if anyone has any doubt about evolution, I would just say to look at the clitoria and then gaze upon the clitoris and realize that we are not just related to the apes but to the flowers, too.
This may be biologically inaccurate but I believe it.

A Gulf Fritallary butterfly.

A dragonfly and I do not know his name. I have seen more dragonflies this year than I have ever seen before. Same with butterflies, I think. This one seemed to be following me or at least accompanying me on the path to the creek but indulged me by stopping and spreading his wings for me to take his picture.
Why do all butterflies seem to be female while all dragonflies seem to be male?

Swamp Mallow, I think. Obviously related to the okra, the hibiscus, the Confederate Rose.

The wild grapes. The foxes must be standing under them at night, plotting as to how to reach them. Foxes CAN climb trees, actually. And do. I think foxes must be crosses between dogs and cats. Again, biologically this may not actually be true.

And finally, the river. Or creek. Today it was a creek. Sometimes it is a river.
My soul is grateful I let it have its way, even if my body was not so happy at the time.
I always know it's there but sometimes I just have to go lay eyes on it to reassure myself.

If any of these pictures resonate with you and if you are looking for something to read, I recommend you go find a copy of either Cross Creek or The Yearling by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. No finer summer reading to be found.

Now. Excuse me. I have to go lay under a fan.


  1. Thanks for the creek pictures - that brings back some summer memories. Can you believe we lived in that house for years without air conditioning? on summer days we'd go to Mr. Israel Lawrence's store and liiiiinger in the A/C. Don't even get me started on yardwork days...

  2. Angelika- None of us had AC back in the olden days. We were tough! And miserable. Love you, dear.

  3. The Yearling always makes me think about a story my Granny used to tell me about how when they were making a movie out of that book, she dragged my Daddy into downtown Jacksonville to audition for the part of the boy in front of Mr. Samuel Goldwin himself. According to her, my Daddy would have gotten that part too, but they waited so long to make the movie that he was too old! Not sure about that last part, but it does make a good story.

  4. Oops, I just realized I misspelled Mr. Goldwyn's name. He was the "G" in MGM Studios.

  5. I love the living history!

    Tell me you got IN the creek, Ms M, surely that's what you walk to the creek in the heat for, no? To cool your hot self down.

    Or have I read too much Southern literature too :)

  6. ah..beautiful pictures..especially the butterfly...i wish we would have such pretty ones here in germany...

  7. I love the butterfly and dragonfly! How beautiful!

  8. I dont come here to read for a few days and everything has changed. Every blessed thing. I love the new look though. And the flowers are lovely, if slightly naughty. :) I wish I knew what to say about any of your other posts-I send love and healing to Kathleen, so glad Mr. Moon's toe is getting better, I GET your anxiety....and all of that comes nowhere near what needs said.

  9. I LOVE your new masthead! Fabulous swallowtail. And all of these pictures, most especially for the commentary. Church of the Bat-Shit Crazy has some good articles of faith.

    And please take care of yourself. I took a friend to the hospital once for heat-exhaustion. VERY scary.

  10. I honestly don't know how you cope. We are getting some scorchers in the next few days, and I'm already planning so I don't have to do ANYTHING except lie in the shade and dip myself in the paddling pool. At least it's not continuous over here.

  11. Exquisite.
    I can't tell you how much I enjoy your posts.

    I savour each one,
    pop away to think over a comment, and before I know it , you've posted again!
    so , know that I'm always here,
    and that I seriously need to start establishing some "office " rules around this place. Would I sound like a bad mother if I started longing for school already :)

  12. I'm reading Cross Creek right now!

    I moved out away from downtown six months ago, used to blog a bit on Slow Food but haven't for a couple of years, so was thinking about living here and growing things and eating and all of the insects around and wild turkeys and deer and snakes and big beautiful fearless owls watching our new guinea fowl, and reading Bailey White and Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, and I decided to find your blog again. I'm so glad you're writing. Reading about living here makes me enjoy it all the more.

  13. Lois- I have heard that the movie took years to get into production so- probably true!

    Jo- No. I don't get in the creek. I'd have to walk home all soaking wet and that just doesn't sound like fun. I am NOT taking my clothes off and jumping in nude in the middle of the woods. People do go back there. I get my face wet though.

    Rebecca- Thanks!

    Kori- I just like knowing you're out there, honey.

    Kathleen Scott- I bought a water bottle today. Good thinking, huh?

    Mwa- Air conditioning. And I don't know how y'all handle the winter's cold.

    deb- No. That would certainly not make you a bad mother!

    Food And Brew Love- I remember you! So where are you living now?

    Danielle- Surely in the country you have beautiful butterflies, right?


  14. The pictures are beautiful. I've always been drawn to dragonflies, thus the large one tattoo'd on my back.
    I'm glad you didn't expire. If I want any space in front of the fan, I have to fight the 4 cats for it, and it's a losing battle. Soooo glad I now have central air. The humidity has been at 96% for days, and people are getting damn crabby.

  15. our butterflies are rather..well ..boring..the pretty ones are endangered and you dont see them often anymore..:-(

  16. Rachel- The whole country is heat-stroked.

    Danielle- That's so damn sad. You would be in wonder in my yard.

  17. I like your drangonfly photo. I love them and I collect dragonflies.

  18. So funny, Ms. Moon! I just finished reading The Yearling.


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