Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chickens And Eggs And Birds And Flowers And Juliette Gordon Low

I swear to GOD, y'all, that if you could see my house right now, you'd fall over laughing. There are Owen nests all over the house and unmade beds and laundry in stages of being done and no, I have not mucked out the chicken coop and no, I have not taken pictures of the peas or done any of the fifty-jillion things I have should have done today but what the hell? What the fuck?
Who cares?

Owen is cutting his top teeth. I can tell because his gums are all swollen. My new name for him is "Top Gum." That's him. Mr. Cranky Boy. Mr. Wiggle Monkey. Mr. Hold-Me-Please.
He was never inconsolable today but he was cranky if I didn't jump to it the second he wanted me to. So of course I just did. I jumped to it.

But now he's home with his mama and daddy and here I am in Lloyd and so happy to be. The birds are going insane. It's warm. The chickens are scratching all over the yard. Jessie just came by with two of her darling fellow-nursing school students and I gave out forty-two eggs to them. I am getting at least a half dozen a day from the Sister Wife Hens and I can't possibly keep up with it all. Life is just exploding here in North Florida between the birds (both domestic and wild), the azaleas purpling up, the dogwoods opening, the tung trees showing signs of life, the wisteria's fuzzy buds swelling visibly, the wild azalea making tiny buds at its tip and meanwhile, everything smells of tea olive and warm dirt. Hard to beat that.

But it is time for me and Mr. Moon to take off and we are going to do that this weekend. We have no plan, no reservations, and we don't even know what direction we're going to head in. This could be great or it could get weird. I feel surprisingly sane, which is strange and I'm not very anxious about anything, even the idea of taking off without a plan which is usually enough to put me over the edge. But nope, I don't. I'm not. Whatever. Owen is going out of town with his parents so he doesn't need me and Jessie's going to come stay with the chickens, dogs and cats. Everything will get along just fine without me and I feel that it's just time for me and the man to remember who we are when we aren't Mr. and Mrs. American Gothic. Know what I mean? I mean, laying in the dirt in the garden is very fine, but hotels can lead to a different sort of pleasure and I am not one to disregard that sort of magic.

We're thinking maybe Savannah so if any of you (Mr. Bastard, Dear?) have any suggestions about places to stay, things to do, food that must be eaten, please let me know. We're not wedded to the idea of Savannah but it would probably be fun. I haven't been there since I went with the Girl Scouts in about 1968 to see Juliett Low's birthplace. I don't remember much about Savannah or the birthplace except for the fact that Juliette Gordon Low forged the iron gates herself and her biceps got so big they had to let out the sleeves of her dresses which I thought was awesome.

And now! Onward! (I've just had my espresso- can you tell?) I must muck and plant and water and tend! I must launder and tidy and make beds! Dinner must be cooked! I have an hour! Can I do it all?

Oh hell no.

Anyway, I just wanted to check in and tell you what's going on in Lloyd. Spring is. And Owen. Baby yoga.

You know. And a Big Person trip in the planning stages. Or the non-planning stages, as the case actually is.

And I have forty-five unopened blog posts in my Google Reader so wish me luck with that one.

I love you just same, even if I don't say a word. Okay? You know it! It's true!

Wish I could give you all a dozen eggs. But I can't.

Here I go.....


  1. now I feel really privileged. really!

    have a wonderful weekend with Mr. Moon -- it sounds great --

  2. oooh... savannah... yummy

    as yummy as baby toes

    Sister Wife Hens cracks me up

    oh. and have I said lately that Owen is TOO CUTE!

  3. I would rip my left arm off with my teeth to get a weekend away with Steve, I would. but since it isn't happening, I will live vicariously through you. Although the non-planning thing makes ME nervous, so I am glad YOU are sane.

  4. Oh, Savannah.... One of my favorite places in the entire world. Spring in Savannah is glorious!

    And poor little Owen. Hope he gets that tooth quick!

  5. How about Portland Oregon? By this weekend this darn cold better be done with me or else.

    We are both in bed - all of you, we are sick so clean the thoughts - with our laptops coughing and sneezing and feeling in my case that the inside of my head is bigger than the outside and nearly unable to read the screen. But I stole that photo of Owen, he is growing too fast but he is a charmer of the first water. You shall see the string of beauties that will come to visit "you" once he gets older. He got it in spades and I absolutely love him.

    Have a good one, I love you too even when I am not here.

  6. oh come on, this is better than eggs, silly.
    don't worry about catching up on blogs, go forth!
    So happy you are going away.
    Have fun have fun.
    Oh, I will miss you though.
    That first picture of Owen takes my breath away! Wow.

  7. It made me a happy girl to hug my mommy today and to get eggs and show my friends our beautiful home. I am always so proud to do that.

    One of those friends, Lara, has already cooked up an egg and said it was "INCREDIBLY delicious", and she thanks you and the chickens for giving her that dozen.

    I'm glad you and Pop are going on an adventure. I think Savannah would be a lovely place to go, especially because I want to hear all about it in hopes that one day I can go and enjoy myself. Melissa and her mom love to go there. Hint Hint. ;)

    Thanks again for being such a sweet mama!

  8. You did it again Ms. Moon! You made me smile and laugh. Wow! How many hens do you have? That is a heck of a lot of eggs. We get about 4 a day. The young girls lay the most and one of matron hens' well she lays when she feels like it. But she is so very sweet and we just love her silly, we don't mind.

    Oh and you have a wonderful adventure wherever you go. I do hope to someday go to Savannah. Every since I read and saw the movie "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" I have wanted to go. That and I want to see all those amazing trees you'll have in the south...I can't wait to see your sightseeing photos when you come back.

  9. Stephanie- And this little piggy goes wee-wee-wee! All the way home. He loves that.

    Elizabeth- Hey! You're at the top of the alphabetical list! Naw, honey. I have to check in on you. You know that.

    Michelle- He's too cute for me. At five fifteen this morning I was laughing at him. And I didn't get to sleep until midnight. What can I say?

    Kori- I think we are going to Dog Island which means I know how to plan- lots of food, water, and no bras needed. Yes. I will be cooking. And yes, I am sure it's beautiful there right now. And I remember being where you are right now. Ironic, isn't it, that when you need to get away the most you cannot?

    Angie- See above. And it seems like poor Owen has several teeth about to pop. Poor baby boy. Perhaps his entire Top Gum. Yikes!

    Allegra- Oh. That sounds delightful. Mr. Moon and I could move in and I could cook for you and he could move lemon plants around. Wait! That sounds just like home! Honey, it'll happen. One of these days...
    Love you, too. And you can have all the Owen pictures you want. I have more, in fact, if you need them.

    Bethany- I will do what I can although I have no idea if I can even still do dial-up which is all that Dog Island has to offer.

    HoneyLuna- I think it's going to be the island and all I can say is- I sure as hell hope the pump didn't bust. I love you! It was such a lovely thing to meet your beautiful friends.

  10. Sister wife hens! Excellent!

    Almost anywhere you eat in Savannah will be good. It's like Charleston that way. Have a lovely time wherever you go and whatever you do!

    Can't believe how much Owen is growing.

  11. holy MOLEY Owen looks so much like his father! mother too, but spitten image of father.

    Please keep us posted on Savannah - one of my dear friends really wants us to go there together someday, so I'd love your details to guide us.

  12. "This could be great or it could get weird."

    I think that pretty much sums up every endeavor I take on in my life. Namely, my relationships ;)

  13. okay he is getting cuter and cuter every post and he's now at a point of illegal cuteness so i have to fine you a trillionbilliongazillion dollars. sorry.

  14. Kiss your O-boy's chubby cheeks for me. I'm going to kiss my brand new grand babies cheeks for the very first time tomorrow =o)))))))))))))))))).

    Have a lovely Spring road trip with Mr Moon.

    x0x0 N2

  15. We're away this weekend as well! To the West! THe Blog awards, lots of people, satying with my pregnant friend and also in a fancy hotel with pool for the kids. LAdy Bloggers' TEa Party and cupcakes... it's all good.

  16. thanks for sharing,
    even in your overwhelmed ness

    and Dog Island ?
    that is the place you were worried about going to, isn't it .
    if I remember,
    and if so .... this is a very wonderful thing.

  17. My Dear Ms. Moon,
    I am glad you two are going away and getting some alone time.

    If you do go to Savannah, I would suggest Johnny Harris's restaurant (a local secret) on Victory Drive. Just ask directions in any shop. It's not difficult to find, and the food is very worth the effort.

    If you two like people watching and good, indecently cheap pizza, I'd suggest Vinnie Van Gogh-Gogh's in City Market. You eat outside and the pizza is hand-tossed and delicious.

    A tour of Mercer House on Monterrey Square is worth the ticket price, whether you've read The Book (Midnight) or not. The docents there are particularly lovely and well-informed.

    The Gryphon Tea Room on Bull Street has lovely desserts (especially dark chocolate cake with cream cheese icing) and a lovely environment. It also supports SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design). Just down from this, also on Bull, is The Six Pence Pub. All the food is wonderful (traditional English pub food). I'd recommend one of the four tables outside if you can get to one.

    And, of course, there is Tybee Island. Fannie's on the Beach (right off the strand on Butler) has two huge balconies (music and dancing on the weekends), which overlook the ocean and has great food with an extremely LARGE menu. I'd suggest the Bloody Marys or Lime Daquiris, especially if Jane the bartender still works there. The guacamole is also very good.

    My best kept secret is the 17hundred90 (the semi-hidden bar on the lower level). It's slightly pricey, but very romantic and peaceful and there are nice locals to talk with.

    Whatever you do, have fun goddammit. Wish I could meet you, but that wouldn't be very romantic. I'd be a damn third wheel.

    Love you,


  18. Have fun, mama, we'll miss you at the parade.

    baby toes, yum

  19. I'm taking notes on Sarcastic Bastard's recommendations for the next time we go! Have a wonderful weekend road trip whatever you end up doing!

  20. Love the baby yoga... and that first picture he looks JUST like Lily!! That look she gives when she's being ever so precious... He's got it down.

    Glad you're heading out without a plan. I'd thank Owen for that. Baby's sort of force you to embrace chaos in a way that nothing else can.

    Have fun.
    xo pf

  21. Ellen- We have ten hens counting Miss Feral Carol. I am hoping for adventure, I am!

    Joy- Charleston also sounds lovely.

    NOLA- You know me. I'll report in, no matter what.
    And yes Owen does look like his daddy but somehow, also very much like his mama. Mostly like himself.

    SJ- I know exactly what you mean.

    Maggie May- The check is in the mail.

    N2- I hope you are nuzzling that gorgeous child RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND! Oh. I am so happy for you.

    Jo- Have SO much fun.

    Ms. Bastard- Sounds divine! Thank-you!

    DTG- Don't let anyone fall off that wall!

    Michele R- Thank-you!

    Ms. Fleur- That is so true. Is this what they mean when they say that children will keep you young?


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