Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Before I Go To Yoga On This Beautiful Spring Morning

I want to give you one more full-moon-behind-branches picture. I seem to be enchanted with what the camera sees when I walk around the back yard at night in my bare feet, taking pictures of the moon from this angle, from that.
Who knew that a blog I started in order to write would lead me to seeing in such a profoundly different way?


  1. who knew is right,

    I had those moments, back in the beginning , like everyone I suppose, where I thought I could spend my time doing something more productive.

    This is the most life affirming growth inducing community building soul searching thing I've done in years. So there.

    although when I think about of all you wonderful soul sisters, I do get a little distracted and drive past the place where I was suppose to drop my daughter off and end up almost having to merge onto the highway ~ which I cannot drive on. Then my body starts to go into panic mode , shaking and dancing in terror so that I have to pull over and my daughter thinks I'm batty.

  2. "The more you know, the more you see."- Aldous Huxley

  3. That moon looks the sort to cast spells. I am jealous that you get to walk around the yard barefoot. I wear thick socks and slippers even in the house.

  4. Beautiful. I have such problems taking pictures outside at night -- using a flash destroys everything, I think, but then they don't come out. What are you doing, exactly, to get this kind of amazing photo (and that's in addition, of course, to your natural artistic talent and eye).

    Word verification: shnedow

  5. I am one of those moonstruck people who can spend hours looking at the Moon. Sun child by birth - I am a Leo - I have, still, a deep love affair with the Moon. When I was a child and had no notion of planets or distance or anything that eventually would take away the illusion, I used to sit on the window sill of our old home and look at the Moon when I was supposed to be asleep.

    I remember wondering if there was someone sitting at the window sill in their house in the Moon looking for me as well and I truly believed that if I stayed there long enough we would find each other. Eventually nanny would find me, curled up asleep and put me in bed she later told me. I wondered later on if she knew, although she never asked or reproached me for getting out of bed.

    Yes, we see with the eyes of the soul and we discover, no matter what our age that maybe there is a being inside their house in the Moon looking for us as well. I hope we find each other some night.

  6. Mary, when I looked at this picture, I saw visions. It made me feel like I was looking at creation.

    Please tell me you'll frame this one.

    And run it again from time to time.

  7. Deb- One thing will lead to another, won't it?

    Nicol- GREAT quote.

    Angie M- Well, I was chilly. Does that help?

    Ms. Bastard- You are WELCOME!

    SJ- Pretty cool, huh?

    Allegra- When is your birthday? I am a Leon too! Ah. I can see you as a child, trying to find that little girl on the moon looking back at you. I hope I am that girl from the Moon house who meets you one night. Or day.

    Kathleen Scott- It would make a nice banner, wouldn't it?

  8. Dont be too jealous, but I may get to meet Allegra soon :)

  9. Elizabeth- Look. I am calling my camera (which is a Canon Power Shot SX20 IS) my magic eye ("magic" being the operative word here) because I have no idea what I am doing with it. None. I am not even sure it's not set on video. Honestly. I do not use the flash for those pictures. It's set on Auto. Of course.

    SJ- Well, dammit, I AM jealous. And thrilled for you both.

  10. I like the last one you posted yesterday the best. I may make a copy of it, if I can.
    I actually thought of taking one of my own this morning, as the moon slipped behind my own tree, but I guess Monday night was the perfect night, by this morning, the moon looked kind of lopsided.
    Next month, there will be too many leaves on the tree.
    Oh well, I'm gonna copy your pic!

  11. Your camera is amazing. When I try to photograph the full moon, it always comes out like a little wee spec millions of miles away.

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  13. Lucy- I would be honored. Copy all you want.

    Jo- This is a good camera. At least, plenty good enough and more for me.

  14. I've tried capturing the full moon countless times and my camera or rather amateurish photography skills never do it justice. Kudos.

  15. The moon draws me in ...I never can have enough moonglow....


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