Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What'd I Do To Piss You Off This Time, BAY-BEE?

I think it's so funny when the number of my blog followers suddenly grows smaller by one. I always wonder- what did I do or say to piss someone off enough to go to the trouble of unfollowing me? Especially during times when all I am writing about is basically spring and marital love.
Ah well.
Can't please everyone.
Whoever you are, I'll miss you!
I think.


  1. That happened on my blog this week too. I wonder the same thing. Oh well!

  2. I'm still here... not going anywhere! x

  3. I've noticed a weird trend on my blog too. It seems like the same amount of people (or even more) are coming to my blog everyday...but I have so many less comments per post. Weird?

    Maybe nobody is interested in commenting on blogs when the sun is so very beautiful. Except for me, Elijah is napping, Max is sorting M and M's and I'm supposed to be networking for my shop. ha.

  4. Maybe they unfollow you because they are no longer at the top of your list? They click unfollow and then a few days later follow you so they are at the top?? I don't' know

  5. This happens to me, too. I could give a shit.

    Love your photo. Too cute.

  6. Some of it can be blamed on blogger, believe me. I tried to understand their way of thinking (oh yeah?) and it gets me nowhere fast. Alright, now an aside from a woman who speaks several languages and for the rest of you native English speaking people this may make no sense but, after nearly a life time of speaking English I just realized that if you miss a space while typing nowhere it becomes: now here. So, I am slow.
    But I suspect there is a story behind that word and I am still too sick to find it but I love the existential concept of it.

    I will follow you no matter where you go. August 13, and yours?

  7. Just stopping by from Elizabeth's blog to thank you for reading the NYTimes and raising your children on NPR. At the very least, parenting should include both!
    I, personally, come from a long line of political conservatives and had to come to NPR and the NYTimes and the Chicago Tribune on my own. Thankfully I found them in time to share them with my children. I am the black sheep in my family and proud to be.


  8. I obsess about these things, too. But then I regularly cull a whole lot of blogs I've added on impulse. Maybe it was someone who thought you had a religious website based on the title or something. Your true fans will stay, I reckon.

  9. I hate when that happens. I hate when someone unsubs from my web site, too.

  10. I got rid of the follower widget for this very reason. I hated to be attached to it. "Oh somebody likes me!" "Oh oh, nobody likes me." People can still follow without the widget, but I don't know about it. It suits my odd way of thinking.

    Oh dear. The word verification is kancer, I'm not kidding.

  11. Ms Moon, this is so funny because the same thing happened to me today and I couldn't help but wonder too! The funny thing is that I had just posted the lyrics to a song from Annie and I wondered if the person had just had just had enough of the cheesy. Then I realized I had three children that needed lunch, so I forgot all about it.

    I love your blog. I don't comment much, but I pop by and read pretty often and always enjoy it.

  12. It was probably someone who saw 'Bless Our Hearts' and figured you are an uber-religious bible thumper. And then, when they actually started to READ your posts, they were sorely disillusioned. I don't think you'll miss her/him.

  13. meh, whatever...too bad for them...their loss...maybe they only followed for the late Elvis? I still remember that rooster feet photo..a cracker.

    personally i know that only 5 people read my blog (and one of them is me) so for the moment I dont stress about it...

  14. I'll always follow your blog, but I wish I could stop following the blog of this other guy whose blog I read, who only has about 10 followers and welcomes them all personally in a post each time he gets a new one. I'm afraid he keeps a list of everyone who follows (plus, I met him - long story), and he'll know it's me if I stop following, and quite frankly, he's a little scarey!

  15. I agree with Mwa. I dump blogs for MANY reasons. I've never once dropped one due to content. Not offensive content. I HAVE dropped due to:

    A) Feeling guilty about not having time to read it.
    B) Being bored with it.
    C) Being overwhelmed by multiple posts a day (Refer to A).
    D) Change is the spice of life.
    E) Stalkers following who I am following. (They may have just gone anonymous on you).

    I think we all have a tendency to attribute others action to something we feel personally. Well, of course we do! We perceive based on what is familiar to us. I've been working very hard not to spend much energy worrying about others. It's a battle.

  16. love your pouty face.
    i'm still here babeeeeeeeeeee.
    have to catch up.
    but i will never unfollow you.
    love you!

  17. It's happened to me too.

    I always attribute it to too many f bombs dropped by either myself or my children.

    fuck em

    I do, and always will, love you

  18. Lois- I am merely amused.

    Lilacsandy- And I am glad for that.

    Erin- I've noticed I have less hits per day but more comments. Oh well. Can't let this shit drive you crazy.

    Rebecca- That never occurred to me.

    Ms. Bastard- Ha! We are don't-give-a-shit-sisters.

    Allegra- And have you considered that "therapist" is also "the rapist"? Now that is scary. And not true, I hasten to add. But still.
    And July 28!

    From The Kitchen- I'm so glad you stopped by and took the time to comment! Black sheep, huh? Then I love you, baby.

    Mwa- You mean- I'm not religious? Oh dear.

    Pretty Things- I'm mostly just really amused. And curious. I wish they gave a reason.

    Sandra- Perhaps the blog following widget is the kancer.

    Caroline- And I am glad you come by. Please know you are welcome any time.

    Rachel- I know. Sometimes I sound so spiritual and then I get into one of my Jesus rants and there it all goes.
    My annual Easter rant is brewing as we speak.

    Screamish- No. Elvis lives. It is Sam who died. And I read your blog. So there!

    Lucy- You lead a very complex life.

    Ms. Trouble- Remember what May says which is: "Other people's opinions of me is not my business."

    Bethany- I love you too!

    Michelle- If I can't say the word fuck around someone, they are not my friend. It's my favorite word. I am not sure why. And you know what? I fucking love you, baby.

  19. I am glad to read your post, and all of the comments, too! This has happened to me, and it was quite obvious (or seemed obvious to me!) that the person got a drift of my "politcal views," or that my love of spiritual practice was a little too inclusive. Others from that initial group still "follow" and even comment. I guess it is all fodder for our personal growth (heheh)

    I always lean towards 'the truth,' and I love a good, heated conversation where no one agrees with anything. How else do we learn of the workings of one another? I mean, isn't that what (ahem) democracy is all about?

    Of course, there is the possibility that it means absolutely nothing!

    Again. Thanks ;-)

  20. oh shit sorry, i forgot it was sam.

    you read my blog???

    awwwww!!! you sweetie!!

    (as if i dont look forward to your comments!)

  21. omigoddess!!
    you had a Cardinal in your house, in your hand!
    you are a high priestess.
    I'm jealous.

  22. I've learned that whenever I get agitated about following and comments (which, believe me, I do), it's a sign that I need to step back and regain my balance.

    So sayeth the woman who never stops posting.

  23. Well, as of today, I am your new follower, You lose some, you win some. I love your story telling and illustrations.

  24. Their loss..

    I would "follow" your blog but every time I try to walk through the steps to sign up I get the spinning wheel of death on my Mac.. this happens when I try to follow any blog not just yours. And although I'm not officially a follower I do check in daily and it's always a treat to read the beautiful, flowing narrative of your story.

    Thanks also for the comments on my poor little blog. They make my day!

  25. Cristal, I have a Mac as well. Don't click on the follow widget but on the follow on the top of the page, left side. That works for me. There is also something on your dashboard that allows you to put the blog address in to follow. We Mac people need to help one another. : )

  26. My numbers fluctuate a bit but what I don't get is why are there 272 followers and about 20 comments per post. Come on and make a comment if you're going to subscribe. I do my best to make the rounds to the blogs that I have subscribed to.

  27. The thing with me is I have a list of the blogs I like bookmarked on my computer and check those daily. I don't know if I'm following your blog, I have to check, but I do know I'm reading it and enjoying it a lot!

  28. I am a follower now. :) Love you, Ms. Moon. You make more sense than my church.

  29. I love you...I don't even know you...but you have added to my day every day ...I am going nowhere...staying put.


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