Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This Is Better

I deleted that post and picture of Ugly Old Mr. Senator Who Admitted To Being Gay After Voting Against Gay Rights For Years.
I couldn't stand seeing his picture on my blog.

I'll give you this one instead of a very joyful boy.
There. Don't we all feel better now?

Oh, and hell, one more.

Just to make sure we tip the balance towards the light a little more firmly.


  1. I have not felt so viscerally happy looking at a baby since Harley. He is just tiny hearts butterflies and stars swirling about!

    The scales are more than accurately tipped in my opinion!

    xo PS What are the VWs??

  2. Rebecca- He is!

    Ms. Fleur- That's because you know him so well. VW's are verification words.

  3. who is this senator? now you got me curious...
    although i can imagine this post is much better than the deleted one.

    man, what a fortunate, loved, cared for little boy. yall shine.

  4. Ah, much better. His fluffy head looks so kissable.

  5. I'm grinning too. That's a great photo. Definitely one to go on the wall.

  6. Agreed, much better image.

    Nice tarpon!

  7. I thought that picture was kind of creepy, so I see why you deleted it!

    cute baby and love the "team grandpa" shirt.

  8. just makes you smile!

  9. just makes you smile!

  10. I just love a baby smile!! Thank you Ms. Moon!!!

  11. Tanya- Roy Ashburn, R-California

    Bethany- Oh. It is.

    Mel's Way- He's very photogenic although these days, he's crooking his neck so that he can see me behind the camera.

    Magnum- A friend of ours found it in a garage of a house he rented.

    Jill- Lily put that shirt on him because she knew he'd see his grandfather that day. She's sweet like that.

    Anonymous- Well, it does me.

    Ms. Bastard- And he loves you too. I'm certain.

    DTG- I do it all day long when he's here. Wonder he has any cheeks at all left.

    Nicol- Nah. He has the "What happens at grandma's, stays at grandma's" t-shirt.

    Ellen- You are welcome!

  12. Oh, that boy gladdens my heart! x0 N2


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