Tuesday, March 9, 2010

He's Here And The Sun Is Coming Out


  1. Owen gets more handsome by the day :)

  2. Best post of the day, by far.

  3. Frankly, I don't usually get kids, particularly babies. I just don't understand why people literally go all ga-ga over them - it's possible I'm the least paternal/parental person in the world. Until I see an image like that. And then it all makes sense...

  4. Ah, seeing that cute little baby makes my boobs hurt!

  5. oh yay, you are both adorable and you have a screen in porch and that is a dream of mine.
    Happy day pretty grandmaw!

  6. The touch of a child...love divine...

    The voice of a child....nothing could be dearer....

    Enjoy Baby day today Ms. Moon!

  7. you look about 20 years old. HOW???? tell me!!!

  8. I think he has your eyes =o) Even though you are looking up and he is looking down in this picture, with you two head to head the similarity is evident. Sweet!

    You are amping up the longing for me own grandbaby. The official due date is just Ten Days away...D & A are expecting the baby to pop out ~Mar 24, but it may be even later as it is the first and the full moon is not until the 30th.

    Kisses to you and O-boy. x0x0 N2

  9. Jo- He really does.

    Stephanie- Amen.

    Kori- Another Amen.

    DTG- My head exploded with his cute twice already today.

    Nigel- Then I have done my job.

    Rachel- Happens to me, too, and I'm really old.

    Bethany- I have many porches. But yes, this one is screened and I love it.

    NancyC- That is it exactly.

    Ellen- It has been a most wonderful day.

    Angie M- And oh, the snuggles!

    Ms. Bastard- I know. It's powerful.

  10. N2- Nah. He has his mama's beautiful brown eyes. I can't wait for you to get your grandchild- what a time you will have!

  11. Ms. Fleur- Kisses back.

    Screamish- The light washed all the wrinkles and age spots out. Simple.


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