Friday, May 27, 2016

Why Is It So Hard To Leave?

I just wrote our friend who is house-sitting about five pages of instructions, 90% of which is chicken-related. The woman has a PhD and I'm sure she'll do fine and the bottom line is, if we did nothing, the chickens would probably live but they are my babies, as you know.

Anyway, we are slowly making our way towards a departure. Slowly being the operative word.

Here are two pictures I stole from FB.

Owen on his first day of kindergarten and today, his last day of kindergarten.
My handsome little man! His parents were told at the last parent teacher meeting that he is a "dream student."

Of course.

All right. I better go pack something.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Of course he is he is beautiful inside and out! Have fun on your time away. Gail

  2. it's hard to pry me out of this house and yard too. but maybe not so hard if I had a nice beach and accommodations waiting for me. although I don't know if there is a beach in Apalachicola.

  3. Of course!

    He's a dream human, never mind student :)

  4. That looks like a second grader if I ever saw one!
    He is so grown up. A good boy on his way to becoming a good man. Sweet!

  5. I am reading this hours after it was posted so I hope that the leaving went well.

    Liv sees a second grader but I still see a baby. Maybe it is because I am thinking of my own boy who is 20.


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