Monday, May 2, 2016

August At The Beach

We've had a good day here at the Sangria Sunrise on St. George Island. We had an extremely leisurely morning and then we finally pulled it together and did a little walking to various retail places and May bought a gorgeous dress and Jessie bought some cool sandals and we went to lunch and bought shrimp from Doug's although Doug was not our shrimp vendor. Unless Doug has gotten a lot younger and lost a ton of weight.
Which I doubt.

We've spent a lot of time just being entertained by August who is one of the most delightful children on the planet. And funny. And smart.
I was told by Sweet Jo that I needed to post more pictures of the boy and so I going to do just that.

He wasn't quite sure about the sand at first. Especially after he stuck his sandy hand in his mouth and tasted it. 
But then he started thinking it was sort of all right. 

Next thing you knew, he became the Boss of the Beach. 

This is how he is trying to crawl. Frankly, I think he just wants to stand up and walk. But he can cover some ground. 

After a good, sandy time at the beach, there is nothing better than a nice, warm bath. 

So there you go and here you are. 

I've had a little beach walk, a dip in the gulf, a hundred laughs, tens and tens of kisses and snorgles, done some reading, taken a nap, been so happy to be here in one of the skinny houses on St. George with some of my children and one of my grands.

Love...Ms. Moon, aka Mermer


  1. Great job! Thank you for giving into my deep desire to see the munchkin! I kept looking for this all day long. He is as cute as a rainbow. I love him big time!

  2. Babies and beaches and sand. I remember those days! :-)

    Thanks for taking us with you on your holiday.

  3. August has such pretty eyes. Have some beach fun for all of us.


  4. He's going to be a force to be reckoned with.

  5. August is having such a very good life. Lovely photos of that bright faced boy.

  6. He is adorable, and beaches can heal.


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