Sunday, May 22, 2016

August, Pancakes. Etc.

August ate Mermer pancakes today for the first time. Sweet potato, banana, oat bran. And he loved them. I bet he ate at least one whole pancake, maybe another. He would have eaten more but his mama said, "That's enough, son." He's still only got two teeth but he manages quite well with those two teeth. His first top teeth are right there. You can see them. They just haven't come through yet. They will soon.

I had thought that Vergil would be coming too, and possibly Lily and her children but it ended up just being Jessie and August and that was fine too. We had a good time playing with the boy and picking beans and showing August the chickens. He is so studiously observant about things. You can just watch him thinking about things, trying to figure them out. And then of course, because he's a baby, he tries to get them in his mouth.

Or kiss them. He kissed that baby doll like it was his job. 
He's crawling all over the place and I'm sure he's going to start pulling up soon. It's so funny how even after raising four and observing Owen and Gibson and now Magnolia, too, I am still amazed watching babies change and grow, doing the things that all babies are supposed to do. 
Geniuses, every one!
It is good to retain a sense of amazement, whether it concerns babies or chickens or the okra coming up in the garden. 

I've had some weird anxiety today and I don't know why. Does one ever know why? Oh, sure, if you have an event coming up that you dread but I don't. It felt like that, though. My stomach felt as if I was about to go onstage all afternoon. 

Anyway, it's coming to evening time again and I'm going to make some stuffed peppers with the incredible risotto I made last night. I'm not kidding you. That stuff is GOOD. I like the magic of it, the stirring in of one ladle of broth or a splash of wine at a time until all of that is absorbed and then adding more, watching the rice become creamy and soft. 

Last night I actually got the teenager chickens to go up the little walkway to their roost place by themselves by using grapes as an incentive. I could not have been prouder of myself had I invented the wheel. The little chicks made their own way back into their coop by themselves and I was proud of them, too. We shall see what happens tonight. I have more grapes if that's what it takes. 

My husband is home and I am so glad to have him here. I think the cats are too. Jack, especially, has become his special buddy. 

Mick is calling the girls in and the sun is going down and once again, I need to get in the kitchen. 
It's been a good weekend, despite yellow fly bites and anxiety. A bit lazy, a lot restful, and time spent with my August and his beautiful mama. 

Peace be unto us all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Happy bloggers are! That is a long time to write but a wonderful time to read! Little August will be missed when he goes away because he will change so much in 2.5 months! They'll have to work on Mer in his speech when he's gone and send several photos a day! Now I want pancakes!

  2. That changed - from blog anniversary???!

  3. Happy #6400! And congrats to you for getting a teenager, let alone a flock of 'em, to do ANYTHING. :-)

  4. It's so funny how babies know to kiss other babies. I guess they're emulating the adults around them.

    Strange how the anxiety surfaces! Here's hoping it vanishes just as mysteriously!

  5. Sometimes there in anxiety about a happy event coming up. I am feeling this about my daughters upcoming graduation. Go figure. That August is a genius for sure. A very loved and loving one.

  6. Oh, August and the baby doll. Oh, my.

    I hope that bran isn't too hard on his little gut. Oh, for a MerMer pancake though. I'd suffer too :)

  7. Joanne- Yes. I will demand at least three pictures a day! Or, I will beg for at least three pictures a day.

    Catrina- I know, right?

    Steve Reed- Jessie reports that he also kisses other babies at the mama-baby groups she goes to. Obviously, he has been kissed so much that he just thinks that this is what we all do to each other. Which pleases me no end.
    As to the anxiety- let me be honest- I am fucking sick of this shit.

    Angella- Yes. Same-same here. Why? Why do we do this? See above.

    Jo- There wasn't TOO much oat bran in the pancakes. I think he probably survived. He loved the sweetness of them from the sweet potato and very ripe bananas.


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