Monday, May 9, 2016

Mostly Not Jackie Dip At All

One day a few weeks ago, Lily texted me from the dentist's chair. She referred to her teeth as being all Jackie Dip. She had meant to say Jacked Up but after auto correct took over, it came out as Jackie Dip, which is my new favorite descriptor for all things messed up.

Today is definitely NOT Jackie Dip.

There's Teeny and Tiny and Tony. They spent the night outside in their safe little cozy coop and survived nicely. I gave them peas and kale for their breakfast treats. 
I tried to get a picture of the teens but I swear to you- it's almost impossible. They are so busy. 

Rather Jackie Dip picture

Maurice slept on me all night long. She obviously is more interested in me than she lets on. Every time I woke up in the night, there she was, cuddled up. And Jack came back. Of course. I tried to get a picture of him this morning but he and Maurice were playing a fierce game of jungle tag and every time I tried, they streaked off in mock warfare. 
Lily's cat Rusty had disappeared for a few days but he's back now too. And Jessie reports that her cat Celo got in the shower with her last night, unwilling to be separated from her after her week's absence.
Cats just love to pretend that they don't give a shit about us but I have a sneaking suspicion that in fact, they do. They may not love us or adore us as dogs will, but we are an important part of their world, even if it's just that we represent regular doses of Friskies. 

I've taken the trash and as I passed by my neighbor's house, I saw hens pecking away in his yard. Yay for the new neighbor guy! We are becoming quite the chicken community here. Sadly, my neighbor on the other side reports that her three peacock chicks which hatched have disappeared along with their foster mother. I hope they're okay. This is the mother hen who hatched my three babies. It can be a cruel world out there. 

I'm going to hang clothes and take a walk and then get over to Lily's where I'm going to babysit for Magnolia and Gibson and go get Owen from school while Lily gets her new crown put on. A dental crown, not the gold and ruby crown she deserves, although the jeweled kind would probably cost less.

And so it goes in Lloyd today. 

I am glad to be here. I am home.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Maybe she should get a jeweled dental crown?

    I hope the peacock chicks are OK! Jackie Dip is indeed a good expression -- Dave uses the term "jankety," which I suppose might be linguistically related to Jacked Up and hence Jackie Dip.

  2. It's good to be home with you.

  3. Urg, no, poor Lily.

    Peacocks would have been exciting, sad news.

    I'm glad everything is still good apart from that. How's the chick with the wonky foot doing?

  4. Usually the worst part of a crown is getting the tooth prepped for it, which is safely behind her now. I hope it all goes well!

    I love the idea of a chicken community!

  5. Steve Reed- I think you might be right about "jankety." I've heard that too. I'm wondering if the mama hen took a good look at her foster children and took them out to the woods and abandoned them. "These chicks ain't right," she might have thought.

    Jill- Thank you!

    Jo- Peacocks are also incredibly noisy and shit like dogs. But hey- they're gorgeous. Baby Chick's foot is all fine now! I'm so pleased.

    Jennifer- So true. This shouldn't be much of a pain today for Lily. Except for you know- the $$$ part.

  6. that's the thing about the natural world, it is guiltless and all about survival, You is my dinner! Losing defenseless chooks to raccoon or coyote is not great ( as I chow down on my General Tsou)...Even the cleverest fence seems not to deter the hungry , Babies must be the tastiest! A big barking dog might be good to have , though I had one once and HE was the one who killed all of the baby pigs. So it goes. Nature is indeed cruel. Thanks for popping over to the Animal parade, good to see you!

  7. I think cats love us but they are proud. But they show us in their own ways. I'm glad Jack came back. I hope you get lots of good pix today!! I just can't get enough of the kids.

  8. Chickens are cropping up everywhere on the island too. So many people have them now.


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