Saturday, May 7, 2016

Two Days Of Pictures

Lord, y'all. We're mighty busy for people at the beach. 
Gibson and Owen got in the hot tub this morning which we had all looked at and said, "Nah," because it was of questionable clarity although the smell of chlorine was pervasive. This did not bother the boys at all though and we finally gave in and let them get in. They played in it like it was a swimming pool with a ball and a net and whatever else they could find. 
"Y'all," I told them. "You're supposed to relax in a hot tub."
"We're kids," said Owen. "We don't really relax."

I'm going to the beach.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Fabulous pics!!! The one with the four grands on the starfish couch is priceless...
    Love Owen's reply: "We're kids; we don't really relax." Very astute!

  2. LOL -- that is so true, about kids.

  3. I consider all this for me. Thank you very much!!!!! Owen is growing like the most handsome weed and the other littles I could put my arms around and hug them forever, you made my day!!!


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