Monday, May 16, 2016

Gibson Speaks His Truth

When I got to the end of Lily's road today, I saw a small boy waiting for me. He ran to my side of the car and I rolled down the window.
"Hello, Gibson!" I said. "I love you!"
"I love you," he said. "I got something to tell you."
"Okay. Go around and get in the car and I'll give you a ride up to the house."
He did and what he had to tell me was that I am going to be Iron Man for Halloween. I thought I had misheard him.
"You're going to be Iron Man for Halloween?" I asked him.
"No, YOU!" he said.
"Why would I be Iron Man for Halloween?"
"Because I never seen you like that."
Well now, there's logic for you.

I am still boggling over that one a bit, especially as I haven't dressed up for Halloween in at least three decades.

Lily and Magnolia were waiting and we loaded up and headed to town where we met Jessie and August at the Persis. I got Gibson his food- rice, butter chicken, and fruit. Also some "orange drink" and I am not sure what that is but Gibson loves it. By the time I was ready to eat my food, he'd already finished his plate and wanted more. So we got it. I am having so much fun with that boy these days. He makes me laugh so hard with the things he says. When he was trying to buckle his seatbelt today I told him that he was very smart.
"And funny," he said.
It's true. And he's just such a little ray of sunshine.
Well, mostly. He is four years old, after all.

And here's what Maggie looked like today.

To go with her orange onesie, she was wearing pants with a tiny orange jaguar print. If that girl gets much cuter, the world will not be able to contain it all, not to mention that my heart is already bursting with her deliciousness. 

We had a perfect meal, as always at Persis and when the server heard Gibson talk about the "orange dessert" which he loves but which was not on the buffet today, he brought out a dish of it, just for Gibson. I think it is cooked carrots with sugar and spices. I'm not sure but it is mighty fine. There's a picture of it in front of Gibson up there at the top. You can see August holding his raw, organic carrot looking with great longing at the dessert. In the approximately three weeks since he's started eating food, he is already quite certain that he wants ALL the food. Vergil, who is getting home on Wednesday from his almost three weeks kayaking down the Grand Canyon trip, is not going to believe how much his little boy has grown. Which leads me to the fact that in a few weeks, Jessie and Vergil are taking that boy up to Asheville for a few months.
I can barely stand the thought.
I mean, it's only fair. Little dude needs to get to spend time with his mountain kin which is a beautiful, wonderful family whom he deserves to have in his life and vice versa, and it's only fair that Vergil gets to hang out with his family and oldest friends and besides that- Asheville in the summer is far more tolerable than Tallahassee is, and, and, and...

But my god.

How the hell am I going to stand it? I suppose there will be at least one trip to Asheville this summer.

Anyway, after lunch we went to Costco. Of course. I read "There's A Wocket In My Pocket" to Gibson as we shopped because he asked me to. I'm such a sucker. I bought a damn bathing suit at the Costco. Can you believe that? I didn't try it on because of course you can't. There's a pocket in the little skirt part which charmed me. I don't know what the hell I'd put in it. My room key when next we visit Cozumel? Maybe. Or perhaps a wocket. I still haven't tried it on but at least when I do, it'll be in the privacy of my own home and there will be no florescent lighting whatsoever.

So it has gone and when I dropped Lily and Gibson and Magnolia off at their house, Gibson ran up to the car as I was leaving. He had something else to tell me.
He said, "You coming back on Saturday?"
"I might," I said. "Or probably before then."
Then he began to rub my hair which was in a braid down my back.
"You head looks like an ant pile," he said, sending the white and gray hairs next to my scalp flying everywhere.
"Is that ugly?" I asked him.
"Yes," he said gravely.
"Oh well," I said. "I love you!"
"I love you too!" he said. And off I drove to come home and work in the garden a bit and take in the laundry and make up the bed with the fresh, crispy sheets where I will lay my ant pile head down tonight in great and luxurious delight.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Seeing pictures of Magnolia makes me so happy. I love that Lily dresses her so "girlie" though I know that I am not supposed to be gender specific. My own daughter was dressed with ruffles and lace and bows wherever ruffles and lace and bows could fit. That was my Nana's (my daughter's great grandmother) doing. She is the one that you so often remind me of. Oh, she was a good and wonderful and loving grandmother. *sigh* I miss her. Anyway, Magnolia is just pure beautiful and I love all her baby-ness.

    If I could read August's thoughts in that picture he is most definitely thinking that this carrot ain't cutting it.

    "Your head looks like an ant pile"!! Bwhahahhahaha! I read that to my husband. Again, I am so glad that you have this blog because in 50 years from now your grandkids can read this blog and know all the funny and brilliant things they said when they were little.

  2. Bless him. Of course he wants his best friend in the whole world to join him for Halloween. As I recall, that's the best part, scheming all summer with your bestie what you will both be for Halloween.


  3. Your children have the best and most beautiful children in the whole world. Magnolia is gorgeous! And I too like that Gibson wants you to dress for Halloween. You will have great fun! I hope your tummy is feeling better.

  4. well, he is just about the most perfect age. 3 and 4 year olds are my favorite.

  5. Birdie- The funny thing is that Lily was not that interested in playing with dolls when she was a little girl but now that she has a daughter of her own, she absolutely delights in the ruffles and bows and tiny darling outfits. And I love it! And Gibson is not that wrong about my hair looking like an ant pile if you view it in a certain way. Sigh indeed.

    Invisigal- I told Gibson that I don't dress up. "Yes you do," he said. I am assuming that every time he sees me not dressed in overalls, I am wearing a costume. And he is right.

    Joanne- His brother is going to have to dress as Iron Man if he wants an Iron Man companion. Let me just make that clear right now. My grandmother love will only stretch so far. I totally agree with you about my grandchildren, though.

    Ellen Abbott- It's a very "truthful" age, isn't it?

  6. An excuse to go to Asheville sounds pretty fab to me!

    I think you have to dress up like Iron Man now, just to please Gibson. Please post pictures. :)

  7. Heavens, but your family is gorgeous. Such lights.

  8. I once told my only nephew that he was my favorite person. He was around Gibson's age. He said "I know."

  9. Such a wonderful post for me to catch up on all the comings and goings of your kin and clan. I love the ant hill story. One time when he was about the age of Gibson, he told me that he had earlier walked in to my bedroom but been scared away by how I looked while sleeping. "You looked like a giant ape," he said. I died a tiny bit.


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