Tuesday, May 17, 2016

All day the rain teased and taunted while the forecasts promised great streaming inches of it. We were supposed to go to a T-ball game for Owen and wondered up until the last second if it would be called but it was not and since Lily had to work I went to take care of Magnolia and Gibson while Jason coached. Boppy came too and Jason's mom was there and so was Jessie and all was fine and easy, especially Magnolia who wanted me to hold her standing up so that she could wobble and balance and smile and give me kisses. She finally went to sleep in my arms, just before the game ended and Gibson came up and kissed her so sweetly and said, "Night-night, Magnolia."
And then ran off to make mischief of one kind or another. He gave Jessie and his other grandmother and me all clover flowers to put behind our ears and then announced that we were all engaged to him. When I kissed him goodbye in the van, he said that we would now be married, announced us man and wife and said, "I will kiss the bride in fourteen hours."
I am not making this up.

Maurice has been in another fight. Mabel has not been seen in over 24 hours.

It is finally raining.

I feel as if I could sleep for weeks and weeks and then some more weeks but that only works in fairy-tales, doesn't it?


  1. In the last two weeks I have taken to my bed more often than not. It's slowly getting better, but every time I walk into the bedroom I catch myself looking at my bed longingly. Go ahead and sleep in tomorrow. The rain brings out the 'blah' in all of us.

  2. Give Maurice a kiss for me. And Owen and Gibson and Maggie and Gus and you too.

  3. I read about the rains in Florida and hope ya'll are surviving the floods!

  4. I hope you do have a wonderful sleep .

  5. Oh, I'm sorry Mabel is missing. Is she not still under the porch? (I guess not or you would have said so.) I hope she's not hurt too badly.

    Sleeping for weeks and weeks sounds wonderful. I could use that too.

  6. been raining here since Sunday. well, part of yesterday was sunny but wet and overcast today. missing chickens is one of the reasons my sister gave them up.


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