Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Almost Too Much Excitement For One Person To Handle

Well, I walked hard and far enough this morning to feel nauseous by the time I got to the post office so YAY ME!

And here's what last night's focaccia looked like.

I can't really claim it was All Healthy And Shit™ because of the cheese but good Lord, it was good. 
And hell yes, I made a salad. 

Anyway, so here we are today and what's going on in Lloyd?

I know. Crappy picture, bad lighting but if you look closely you can see beans! The rattlesnake beans are podding up. Pretty exciting. To me, at least.

And what else is happening?

Chickens, of course. Do you realize I have eighteen chickens now? If one of the banties turns out to be a rooster, I'm going to name him Little Richard. If one of the big ones turns out to be a rooster (and I'm pretty sure one will) I am going to name him...I don't know. Any ideas?
And do NOT suggest Keith because that would be disrespectful. 

So okay, that's about it in Lloyd today. Later on I'm going to go get Gibson and we'll pick up Owen from school and go to the Bad Girls Come To Jesus Thriftstore where I have promised I will buy them each a toy AND a book and then they're going to come here to play for awhile. I miss my boys being at my house and their toys are lonely. 

All love...Ms. Moon


  1. How about a rooster named Bo Diddley?

  2. well, I was going to suggest Stevie Ray but I like Bo Diddly better.

  3. I like Bo Didley as well. I was thinking maybe Hefner/Hef 'cos he gets all the chicks. Or maybe Crockpot or Stewie since that's a lot of roosters & eventually that could be his destiny. ;)

  4. I enjoy these posts when you walk us around the yard a bit.

  5. Elizabeth- Absolutely great suggestion. The only problem with it that I have is that I know a guy named Bo and I have mixed feelings about him. But perhaps just "Diddly". Which would be appropriate for a rooster.

    Ellen Abbott- I do like Stevie Ray. A friend of mine named her dog that. It's a good name.

    Angie D- Hef is excellent too. He certainly does get a lot of chicks. I wonder if he still knows what to do with them?

    Jill- Don't encourage me! But thank you.

  6. I couldn't top the rooster names already suggested! The chickens are looking great!

  7. I was going to suggest Sam for Sam Cooke, because it is a good, solid name.

  8. Hank- Isn't Sam the name of the rooster we had to make into chicken and dumplings due to meanness and aggression? It is an excellent name though.


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