Monday, May 16, 2016

A Nice Day

It's lovely cool here this morning. I can't remember it ever being this cool this far into May.
It's a bit noisy though. The guys next door are working outside and playing music on whatever it is they play music on as they work and occasionally I hear what might be another neighbor tuning a piano.
Who knows? Not me.
I'm having stomach troubles today and you don't need to hear about that but I've just gotten texts from my mama-daughters who want to meet up at Persis Grille at noon and hey-why not? Spicy Indian food will probably not kill me and may even cure me and I haven't been to lunch with my babies since the beach. And just like that, my day turns into something brighter.
Chickens are out strutting through the rusty magnolia leaves, clothes are hanging on the line and sheets are in the washer.
Here's the funny little banty chick, Dearie.

Does anyone have an idea about what sort of breed she might be? We are baffled. But we think she is beautiful. She's the one that Gibson believes will have super strength. He's heavily into super heroes at the moment and finds them everywhere. 

Good morning from Lloyd. I hope you're having a decent Monday and may you, too, find super strength when and where you need it. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. It's cool and cloudy here in southern Illinois, too, which is kind of an improvement from having the heat on the last four days. I've got a pot of ham and beans on the stove, with fried taters and cornbread also on the menu for supper. Why is it that when we meet people out for a meal it's 'dinner,' but when we eat at home it's 'supper'? Enjoy your spicy lunch!

  2. Cool here too. We even had a trace of snow yesterday. Crazy.

    Love the black and white chick.

  3. raining here. started yesterday afternoon. we do need it though so I don't really mind except that it has me in a funky mood.

  4. That little chicken is getting big. It was near 90 here today, supposed to rain tomorrow and cool off a little. Gail

  5. Catrina- Your supper sounds like dinner to me.

    jo(e)- Snow? You have to be fucking kidding me.

    Ellen Abbott- Supposed to rain here the next few days. I am yearning for it to be so.

    Gail- They're all getting big! That one is perhaps the smallest although it's hard to get perspective from a single photo. Yep. Supposed to cool down here a little too tomorrow. I am hoping for that. Have the AC on tonight.

  6. Is she a smaller hen? We have two that are on the 1/2 size and lay petite eggs. They also have feathers covering their feet. Little Sue and Little Joe tend to get picked on by the other girls and the two of them are fast friends...they buddy up. Little Sue stopped laying eggs years ago but she is from our first hens and the sweetest hen to us. Still not sure what type they are.

    Hope you lunch was yummy and your tummy turns daughter sells pure essential oils and the company does Peppermint which works wonderfully on any tummy upset / heartburn faster than anything I have ever tried.

  7. She looks quite hawkish in that photo. Could she be a chicken hawk? A chicken eagle? :)


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