Monday, May 2, 2016

How To Decorate At The Beach

So. Beach house decor:

These are but a few of the oh-so-charming themed reminders here at the Sangria Sunrise that we are, in fact, at the beach. If, you know, you forget to look out the windows to see the actual beach. 

Such is rental beach house tradition. 

Here's a lizard.

Look at that tail!


The old apartments are still here, now painted purple. One half of the "complex" is now a henna tattoo place but the other side where we always stayed? 
Still apartments. 

The yard actually looks better than it used to. 

Ah. The memories. 

Love from St. George...Ms. Moon


  1. Hello my darling. Hope you all are having the time of your lives! Loving birthday wishes to my beautiful fairy god-daughter and love to you all. Wish I was there! <3

  2. Ahhh, the beach! Where all my cares and worries seem to drain away, just like my margarita glass. Enjoy!

  3. I do like that lizard. She has a very nifty tail. :-)

  4. I hope you have the best, most relaxing time ever. I wouldn't advise lying in that yard, though.


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