Thursday, May 19, 2016

It's The American Pastime

Ah, but I am tired. Fine but tired.
I had a little evening babysitting gig tonight for this girl.

Her mommy had to work and Boppy and Jason wanted to take Owen and Gibson to an FSU baseball game and so I stepped in. About an hour or so after the fellas left, Gibson, who was not having it, had to be returned home by his daddy so we hung out too. 

Did I tell you I'm tired?
It's okay. 
Look at this.

No. Owen is not wearing glasses these days. He found those. I hear he was on the Jumbotron. 
Jumbotron, nachos, peanuts, Daddy and Boppy and baseball! 

I'm going to bed. 

See you tomorrow.


  1. Those kids have the most awesome grands!

  2. I don't blame Gibson. I'd have the same reaction.

  3. I used to enjoy going to baseball games before it got so expensive and every game was televised. now, they spend so much time diddling around on the field waiting for the thumb's up that the commercials are over so they can get on with the game, it's boring. the last couple of times I went I spent the whole time yelling at the field to 'just play ball!'. I don't blame Gibson one bit.

  4. I would be begging to baby sit Magnolia. She is so cute. Look at the little bow mouth!


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