Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Dream News

Still no Mabel.

She seems to be gone for sure.

I just saw the black and white cat out there again by the hen house. This is becoming a problem. We need to talk to our neighbor about possible solutions because that cat obviously likes chicken and I'm pretty sure he took the neighbor's peacock chicks. I feel certain that the cat is too wily to be caught unless we used something like a real baby chicken as bait and I'm not going there.

Country life.

Meanwhile my cats are doing sleeping shifts with me again. I go to sleep with one, wake up with another. Maurice has slept with me every night since I've been back from the beach. Why does it feel like such an honor for my cat to sleep with me? I have no idea but I have to tell you that it does and I love to wake up and be able to scratch her head for a little while, have her come up and nuzzle me.
She hardly ever tries to remove my hand at the wrist any more with her teeth and claws. Such a sweet kitty.

Lily texted that the school nurse called her because Owen had a tick and they can't remove it and so either someone needed to come and take it off or else take him to a doctor.
Jason went in and did the tick removal.
I told her to just wait until the call comes from a school nurse about head lice.
And it will. Some parts of motherhood I do NOT miss. No. Not at all.

The forecast is calling for more rain. I did get out of bed and it wasn't easy. I dreamed and dreamed and dreamed. I dreamed I was so tired. That is what I dreamed. I was exhausted in many different places and circumstances but all I wanted was to get back to my bed and sleep.

Vergil will be back late tonight and Jessie is so happy. We're hoping that by some miracle August will immediately break into his Da-Da-Da when he sees his father. Why do babies always say Da-Da before Ma-Ma? Something to do with speech development, I am sure. Why do almost all cultures have words for mother that start with the Mmmm sound?
Ray Bradbury wrote a short story about that. I wish I could remember the name.

I need to go take a walk. But I'm so exhausted.
Perhaps I am still dreaming dreams of dreaming.

Well, if not and this is real, I wish you good morning.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. wondering why they could not remove the tick? We were all so skilled at tick removal and snake bite doctoring when we were growing up. Saying Ma ma takes some coordination, closing lips and humming through baby boy's first word was "wow" , and that has pretty much been his life. Glad your kitty has learned that no matter how it tries to remove your hand that it is pretty much stuck on your body...learning...

  2. Here the rain is finally gone and I awoke to the sunshine. YAY!!! First time in four days that I've seen the sun, and it may be the first day in four that I actually put a bra and underwear on. No promises, though....

  3. good morning, darling woman. i am reading but not writing much because i am trying to meet a book deadline. and next week is graduation so i'm going to lose a whole week. i am writing a whole book in two months. some people might find that to be easy, but i do not. it is take my every strand of attention. almost. i love you.

  4. I am sorry about Mabel. Gail

  5. I hope Owen is okay and it didn't hurt much. I'm sorry about Mabel. I love you.

  6. So sorry about Mabel.
    And headlice. Good god, that maybe what I least miss about motherhood.

  7. I hope Owen is OK. Does it hurt to have a tick removed? I remember when my boy got head lice. I was combing them out and putting them down the drain. My son's chin started to tremble and tears came to his eyes. I thought perhaps he was embarrassed. It turned out he was sad that we were killing the lice. Even now at 20 he can't kill a spider. He catches and releases them.

    What happened to Luna?

  8. Mmmmmammaries :)

    Yeah, 'd' is an easier sound.

    I wish we had a sleep mode option, and that that was a perfectly acceptable option to choose. I could sleep forever.

  9. That's an interesting question, about mother words beginning with M. I don't think I ever thought about that before. And I thought I'd read everything Ray Bradbury ever wrote! (Or almost.)

    It's strange that the school nurse couldn't remove a tick. Seems like that would go with the territory!

  10. Linda Sue- Fear of lawsuits, I am sure, when it comes to tick removal. If it is not done properly, the head remains embedded in the flesh which can lead to more problems.

    Catrina- You put on a BRA?! You're serious, girl.

    Angella- Oh, woman. You are a superhero! Love you always.

    Gail- I feel most sorry for her sister, Trixie. They've always hung out together.
    Thank you.

    Joanne- Owen is fine. As long know...he doesn't come down with Lyme disease or something.

    Denise- Seriously.

    Birdie- Okay. Your son is the most tender-hearted I have ever heard of! No, it doesn't really hurt to have a tick removed. It just sort of feels weird and looks gross.
    Luna has been euthanized. She is buried under the giant oak. She is at peace and in no more pain.

    Jo- That would be awesome.

    Steve Reed- I seriously doubt that the school nurse is a real nurse. Probably just a mother volunteer. I wish I could the name of that story. I THINK it was Bradbury. Slim possibility it was Heinlein.


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