Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wherein No One Was Cranky Banky

I am about to admit the truth of the reality which is that this cat already owns us. Or at least me. I feel quite certain no one is surprised in the least to hear this.

Lily thought she felt a chip at the nape of Maurice's neck today and I did my duty and took her in to the vet in Monticello and they scanned her and there was no chip and quite frankly, I was relieved.
"Come on. Let's go home," I said.
Even in the vet's office with the dogs and all of the smells she lay alert and a little tense but surprisingly calmly in my arms.
"She's a cute kitty," said the lady behind the desk. I swelled with some small pride, as does a new mother when the nurses tell her that her baby is beautiful.
Well, a tiny bit like that.

She was somewhat leery of the children which was to be expected but every time we went outside, she would follow us around and then come racing when we came back in. I had forgotten what it feels like to have a cat familiar. Well. One never really knows with cats. She could take it upon herself to up and leave us too.

The boys were so wonderful today. Gibson was most agreeable and has learned to say "yes" instead of "uh-huh" or "yeah" and all day he would answer questions with that word, the S at the end, long and a bit hissing. He hugged and snuggled me. He kissed me over and over. When I said, "Let's go change your diaper," he led me to the bed where I do that. Owen was in a good mood too, curious and interested in everything. We dug around in the driveway for bits of glass and pottery and we saw a possum crossing the yard and he was amazed. "Are they bad?" he asked and I told that no, they are not. He wanted to start swinging from the rope his Boppy tied up in a tree beside the playset the second he got here and he is learning to shimmy up the bamboo.

He can go higher than that and he is so proud.
We also played a real game of Battle, or perhaps you call it War. The card game. He is learning his numbers quickly and he kept saying, "I love this game!"
Of course he won. That child has the best luck at cards.

The boys also gave me another make-over. While Mr. Owen and Mr. Gibson did my make-up, we had a conversation about Mr. Owen's wife whose name is Mary Anne. "Sometimes," he said, "she is cranky-banky."
"Oh really? How many children do you have?"
"Nine," he said.
"Well. That would explain her being cranky-banky."

It was just a delicious day. The confederate jasmine is blooming full-on and the scent is about one step over bearable. I'm pretty sure that's what's bothering my throat and sinuses but what can one do? Some people have to tolerate smog. I merely have to deal with one of the sweetest smells on the planet for a week or two. I believe I can do that. It's all about submission to that which is inevitable and overpowering.
The blooming of confederate jasmine.
The demands of chickens at the kitchen door for grapes or crackers.

And yes, ownership by a cat who is, as we speak, interrupting her own grooming to sandpaper my arm with her rough tongue.

Like that.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Sweetness. I love Owen's fantasy life!

  2. Does Miss Kitty have a name?

  3. Denise- I do too. It knocks me out.

    Sarah- Yes. Maurice. Do not ask me why. Mr. Moon is calling her "Mauricia."

  4. You will be assimilated (by the cat). Resistance is futile.

  5. Oh yeah -Kitty loves the shit out of you if she is licking you. Everyone talks about how adorable my cat Allie is, and I am proud of it like -- yeah. Look at me. Picking out the best looking damn cat at the pound! Like that.

    OH I meant to tell you from a few posts back...I also own a suitcase from Goodwill. That is also red. Of course :)

  6. Heaven. Those boys are growing up in heaven.

  7. I can hardly contain myself about you and Maurice. I was trying to hold back so as not to piss you off but what I really wanted happened!! And both boys are so adorable. Nine great grand children for you, you would be in heaven too! Sweet Jo

  8. I still love the boys. I still don't care about The Cat.

  9. asheville cabbieMay 8, 2014 at 5:49 AM

    Hahaha, totally not surprised about you and the kitty.

    Maurice Moon, that has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

  10. asheville cabbieMay 8, 2014 at 5:59 AM

    "some people call me Mau-rice...
    'cause I speak... of the pompatus of looovee..."

  11. Boys. Chickens. Maurice. And a bonus of getting that song in my head thanks to Asheville Cabbie. It's barely 6am and my day is starting off right!

  12. I live too far away to come and adopt your cat. Plus, I have two former strays of my own, each of which wishes I didn't have the other one. Plus, you've come to your senses and realize you've been claimed. Plus, an innately good-natured, sociable, affectionate cat is a low-maintenance joy.

  13. yes, the cat owned you the minute you let it inside the very first time. those boys are going to have the very best memories.

  14. Allison- I am afraid you are correct.

    SJ- You did NOT get a red suitcase at the Goodwill. That's hysterical.

    Ms. Vesuvius- Except for the bugs.

    Sweet Jo- Well, it has happened. You knew it would.
    I seriously doubt I'll live long enough to see any great-grandchildren but one never knows.

    Angella- They truly are.

    Elizabeth- No need to be cranky, my dear. Haha! I love you.

    Asheville cabbie- Yep. That's exactly the song I was thinking of.

    Jill- Lovely!

    Anonymous- If she will only not go into heat before I can get her spayed.

    Ellen Abbott- Too damn true. And yes, I think that MerMer's Day Care is going to leave those boys with some lasting memories. Hopefully, such good ones.

  15. Thanks to whoever commented they lyrics to "The Joker" I'll be singing that all day.

  16. What you just said about the jasmine? I think that's pretty much what Elizabeth Gilbert was trying to say about the mosquitoes in Eat Pray Love. Submission to that which irritates us without getting fraught about it - and finding it manageable for doing so, rather suffering for the good it does us, I hope.

    Maurice Moon :) Cool.

  17. Cranky-Banky! That is my new favourite term.

    9 kids! That is a lot of great-grandchildren.

  18. I'm glad that the cat is with you and following everyone around. Sounds like you have a keeper.

  19. I'm so glad the cat has taken to you. (And vice-versa.)

    And yes, nine kids would definitely be enough to cause some cranky-bankyness.


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