Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Night Before The Last

Mr. Moon got to go fishing today and he caught that little tuna and it was the first tuna he ever caught and I'm so glad he got to go.
It was odd, though, being away from him for a few hours. He's been within arm's reach of me for two weeks now and I like it like that. I can reach over and kiss him anytime I want, or touch his wrist, or hold his hand. One of the more difficult adjustments of being home is going to be our necessary separation while he lives his daily life and I live mine.
As we rode to town tonight I hugged myself to his back, took in the scent of him and said, "Oh, how I am going to miss this."
We were talking about how we have been here for two weeks and never made it to the mainland once.
"Just tell everyone I wouldn't let you out of bed,"I said.
Not that much of a stretch of the truth.
He's taken such good care of me here. He makes the coffee and gets the ice and makes the drinks and I thank him over and over again for such sweetness.
Tonight he bought me a bracelet to remember this trip by but I will probably remember it more by the scar I am sure he is going to have on his calf from burning his leg on a scooter tailpipe when he parked our scooter one day. I almost wish I had a scar although of course that's ridiculous and I could have gotten a tattoo, which I always threaten to do but never have.
Well. We have one more day.

Here are the guys who sold me my bracelet.

Yes. It took three of them. They were about to close up and there we were and the bargaining began but not before they admired my armful of antique silver bangles and the guy on the left told me that his mother used to make bracelets like the biggest one I own which I bought at an antique store in St. Augustine, Florida a long time ago. The bracelet I bought barely weighs a thing, hammered silver and we didn't pay much for it. The guy on the right grew up in L.A. and he lives here now and the guy in the middle is about to become a father.
Ten minutes and you learn all of that. 

And you own a new bracelet. They were joking with us about how I manage to kiss my husband because he is so tall. 
"When we're lying down," I told him, "we are the same height."
They groaned and covered their eyes. 
"Too much information!" said California guy. 
Hey. They asked. 

There is a woman who works here. I have talked about her. She runs the desk during the afternoon and into the night. She has one son who is four years old and her English is amazing and every night, just to see her and say hello to her is a joy. Her smile is gorgeous. She is such a beautiful woman and her beauty is the sort that shines from her heart and just beams right on out to the universe.

Her name is Lirio Gomez and she is off tomorrow and so I will not see her again after tonight. I went and hugged her and took her picture and gave her my e-mail address and the address of this blog and she already left a comment on my post about Just Pictures. 

This. This is why it is so hard to leave this place. 
The sky and the water are enough to hold and enchant you. The people though are what bring you back over and over again. Or at least, bring me back over and over again. And when I am here, I am one of the people. Not an indigenous person, but a sweeter, better person than I am anywhere else. 

Well. One more day. We have to go tell Rogelio good-bye. We have to snorkel one more time. We have to start to pack. We will have one more day of me riding on the back of the scooter, one more day to watch the sunset, one more day to love and eat pico de gallo and finish up our liquados. One more day to have my husband within arm's length at all times. 

And then we will fly home with is a fine place to be and it will give me great joy to think that the life here in Cozumel will go on and on and the water will lap the rocky shore, the white beach, families will continue to live and grow as will the flowers, the trees, the turtles, the fishes, and the jungle will continue to thrust itself fiercely out of the limestone as it has for so very many years. And I hope with all of my heart that between Ixchel and that beloved Virgin of Guadalupe, it  is blessed and continues on for many, many more. 

Good night for now.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Mary, have a most marvelous last night in your land of love and make sure to kiss Mr Moon while horizontal. I am glad you had such a wonderful vacation. It's been a blast coming with you! Sweet Jo

  2. I'm sure that although there's much to enjoy in Cozumel, it will be nice to get home, too. You miss your chickens. You know you do.

  3. Let me just add that I love the way you strike up conversations with people and learn about them. You're a reporter at heart!

  4. Honestly, the way things are going back here in the states -- well, I think you should stay. Make your children and grandsons move down there with you.

  5. I hope you come back fully refreshed and recalibrated and that the paradise of it all lingers and lingers.

  6. And when you get back, make a reservation for the next trip right away. Honestly, woman, that place is yours.

  7. I've so enjoyed sharing this trip with you! Have an easy journey home, and definitely make plans to go back!

    And thank you for all the wonderful blogs I've found through yours.

  8. Hey, you didn't post a pic of your new bracelet! I want to see!

  9. Mr. And Mrs I hate to read the ending is near. When I first became a follower of your blog, I told you I loved reading here because it's like a good book that you don't want to put down . The ending is bitter sweet as you write today. It feels like we are there when you speak and the peacefull state of mind as we read makes it even harder to say the book is almost done and will be put back on the shelf for now.
    Thank you for sharing your time on the Island with your readers.

  10. That sounds so lovely. Enjoy your last moments there.


  11. asheville cabbieMay 28, 2014 at 12:29 PM

    Coming home will be heavenly to0

  12. The last night for us was a mixed thing. We wanted to be back home to see the animals and the house and the landscaping. Usually I am ready to go back after having been somewhere for about 5 days. But you have a different perspective and spending time with your husband is to cherish. I hope that you can go back soon.

  13. Beautiful post. Thank you. Safe travels!



  14. XOXOXOXOXOXOXO to you and your sweetie.

  15. Oh, it looks just the perfect place for a holiday. And so often it is the people who make all the difference. I find that in Greece.

  16. Ah! I'm excited for Elvis and the sister-wives and your kids and grandkids. And the cat.
    Thank you for sharing Cozumel with your readers.


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