Friday, May 23, 2014

Giving Notice

Now at the point in the trip where I am pretty sure I'm not going home. Ever.
You'll know where to find me. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I really wish you could move everyone over there!

  2. It looks so beautiful,stay and I will come visit. Gail

  3. Oh man! Will you still blog? Will the chickens come there?

  4. So thankful to have seen this through the tender lens of your brain. You know how I crave the ocean. Only two months for me if I can do it if I can if nothing new breaks. I love you.

  5. I'm trying not to be jealous instead I think I'll have SYMPATHETIC JOY for you (AKA Muditta). The sky over my wee back yard and greenbelt is the purest blue and the wind chimes are, well, chiming and I love you and your man and your life and I love my life too. How's that?

  6. I will come visit. And maybe I will stay, too!

  7. Sigh.
    We used to have trips like that.
    And see--this is why you stay tro weeks--so you can have more days in case of weather and mostly cuz by the time you feel this way you don't have to leave yet.
    Michele R

  8. Denise- Well, of course.

    Jo- Oh god. Me too.

    Ellen Abbott- It just happens.

    Gail- Okay. Maybe I should do a Kickstarter! Haha!

    Gradydoctor- If I move to the jungle, I can have chickens. It's so tempting.

    Rebecca- The tender lens indeed. I am so fucking happy to share.

    Beth- I am just so glad that I have a beautiful place that I love to come home to. And I will have all of these memories. We are lucky, we who love our homes, even if our souls yearn for other places at times.

    Angella- You would love it and you would feel right at home. I know it.

    Michele R- Take a trip! Do it!

    Aint For City Gals- Yes, but sometimes you have to step out of your life to change your attitude about everything. I think this is true.

  9. You would do well there. I am sure you have considered a life without the damn dogs.

    But think of the cat. That cat needs you.

  10. I understand but now I m ready to get home. But if overnight camping were possible or a week long sail, I would stay.


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