Saturday, May 24, 2014

This Girl

It is Bob Dylan's birthday and I am happy to celebrate Bob but mainly, for me, it is my daughter May's birthday and I am sitting here in Cozumel, watching the water and the boats and my husband crumble up some leftover breakfast toast for one of the crackles and I am thinking of this girl, my second child born to me at dawn as the sun was just rising, born in our tiny trailer in Lloyd and how completely and utterly happy I was to meet her, to see her face, to take her to my breast, to have her to truly love and hold.
The sweetest baby, the most gracious-of-heart children.

And she sure has grown up good.

Happy Birthday, May. And oh yeah, Bob- you too.

May, I will make you your pie(s) when we get home, I will give you your presents. I will kiss your face a million times.
Meanwhile, my heart is filled with you.

Love always, backwards and forwards in time and years and eternity.



  1. Happy birthday to your beautiful May!

  2. Down the highway, down the tracks
    Down the road to ecstasy....... happy you're having such a fabulous time!!x

  3. It is my best friend forever's birthday today, too! I call her my blood sister. What an auspicious day May 24th is. And May (one of my favorite names) being born as the sun came up? I mean, the universe kissed that girl hello.

  4. May she stay forever young.

  5. Happy birthday May! You look like your beautiful mama and I can tell you are just as beautiful inside!Sweet Jo

  6. Thank you for giving May to the world, Mary.

    I love you, May. Happy belated birthday and many, MANY more!!!



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