Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Counting Down

Fuck I can't do this.
That's the stage I'm in now.
Can't do it, so let's just stay home.
Although in real-world logic, I'm practically ready and should just be excited but since when did I practice real-world logic?

I can't believe that I just wrote in a comment reply that I hope the hotel's wifi is decent. I remember when the only electrical devices in our hotels were the lamps and air conditioning and they were iffy. No TV's except in the sports bar where they had satellite dishes all over the roof and every freaking sports competition in the world on various TV's around the bar. That was it for television. No English newspapers that I remember. So we could go to Cozumel and spend ten days completely ignorant of anything going on in the world except for possibly who was winning the World Series. To make a phone call we had to go to a place where they had little hotboxes of phone closets and you had to sign up and go through a whole rigmarole to place a call to the states and they also rented videos there. We actually sent a telegram back home once. It got there about three days after we got home.
And now I'm contemplating taking FOUR GODDAM DEVICES. Phone- mostly for pictures. iPad for pictures and on-the-fly blogging. Laptop for...well, you know. Everything. And Kindle for back-up reading. I cannot get used to reading on the Kindle. But damn, that battery lasts forever.
And a camera.
And there is a TV in the room, I think.

Well, times change.

The chickens are being incredibly noisy this morning. There's a hen who has obviously just laid an egg and she is calling Elvis who has already made two false runs to go and collect her. That poor rooster. He runs his sturdy little spurred legs off trying to keep his flock together.
I went out yesterday to look for eggs and only found two of the youngsters in the hen house and freaked but then the other six came running out of the woods where they'd been happily scratching. They are learning to be chickens.

I can't believe I am leaving this world behind for two weeks but I am and I have to finish packing and the boys are coming at one and I am going to miss them so much that it hurts to think about and dammit, okay, I admit it, I am going to miss Maurice as well, this pretty kitty who stretches out beside my laptop as I type but the world (this world) will go on without me and I will be in another world and I'll be sending postcards via the World Wide Web so prepare to be bored with pictures of the Caribbean which will be a nice change from being bored with pictures of Lloyd. Iguanas instead of chickens, cats not my own, etc., etc., etc.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I feel ready to go. Looking forward to all of it.

  2. If you really think you can't make it, I'll be glad to volunteer to go in your place.

  3. Who could ever be bored with pictures of the Caribbean. Gail

  4. asheville cabbieMay 14, 2014 at 10:38 AM

    you guys just enjoy yourselves.

  5. Yes, if you're having second thoughts, I'm happy to go in your stead.

  6. I am just so happy that you said you can't get used to reading on a Kindle. Why you ask? Because I've never felt I would be able to adjust to one but everyone and their mother seems to love them for reading.

    Mary, Mary, Mary! Have the time of your life. Again. :)

  7. You can do it! I agree it's much harder to unplug these days -- and I certainly will look forward to some Cozumel posts -- but do your best to unplug at least part of the time. I always find it incredibly beneficial.


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