Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I Could Be Wrong But

It seems to me that the people who drink only coffee

leave to go to supper early while the people who drink rum stick around and watch the sunset. 
And then applaud when it is over.

Jesus. How can baby lobsters compare with that? 


  1. Can't we have both? That's a beauteous sunset.

  2. Absolutely. Alcohol and sunsets are a marriage of the angels.

  3. Or maybe they're sober folks, and watch the sunsets quietly, and in their own way -- spoken as someone who only drinks coffee ;)

  4. Allison- I think we could.

    The path traveled- It was the best one so far and I have paid attention to each one.

    Beth- I think I must agree.

    Chrissy- I am sure that is true. It's just that I know for a fact that the people staying next to us who drink coffee like it's their job always leave before sunset to go to supper. So, you know- maybe it's just them. Although they seem to be very nice people.

  5. Are those coffee drinkers hipsters from Los Angeles?

  6. It seems all everyone does is drink here. And talk about it all the time. Oh well....


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