Sunday, May 18, 2014

I Believe It May Be Sunday

Do you see that bird? He is the most annoying thing we've encountered so far here. He's a young'un and he screams for food incessantly. His poor exhausted mother follows him around and when he's not demanding food from people, he's demanding it from her. Meanwhile she is building another nest in the coconut palm right above us and has lined it with soft fibers she found on the ground. I watched her yesterday, teasing the ones she wanted out of the knot of the whole. 

It rained hard last night and is cloudy this morning and so we are slowly waking up, thinking about breakfast, not much beyond. 

Here's the little resident turtle making his way across the cement. 

And the water. 

One of these days we shall actually get in it. 

Meanwhile I am content to simply be beside it, pondering not the great questions but the small wonders as they present themselves. 


  1. LOL about your local bird. We have a mocking bird doing the same thing right now.Surprising how such a small body can be so loud. Pondering can be such a lovely thing. Thank you for taking me with you on this divine journey...

  2. By the look of him that bird has got bird things to do! My mom would have called him a goin' concern.

  3. Oh those kids who scream for stuff all the time....

  4. I'm so glad my fellow blogger, Birdie , left me a comment today because I stumbled onto your blog from there and so glad I did. Your blog is really nice and I found myself reading so many past posts.
    The Island is beautiful and brought back a lot of memories from our trips to Hawaii. The bird....well, that's either a blessing or a problem depending on where you live. Here in Louisiana the black birds and Mocking birds are always to say it nicely, using my car for a public restroom. But there is something about my morning walks and listening to the birds of all kinds waking up and singing as the sun comes up. It's like God playing music for me to walk by.
    I am sure I will be reading more here on your blog. It's like a good book I can't put down. Thanks!

  5. I keep rereading the one with the journal and the boat being towed. You're amazing, this is amazing. I'm happy for you.

  6. Hot and sunny here. Horseback riding today. We are having a blast! Glad you are too!


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