Friday, May 9, 2014

Moving Slowly And Not Silently

I got a call yesterday from the glasses place informing me that my glasses are in. Whoa-ho! Just the idea of not having to look through scratched lenses is enough to make me feel a little woozy with delight, never mind the possibility of an improved prescription. So, going to town to get new glasses. I have a list half a mile long of stuff to do while I'm in the big city to get ready for the trip. I don't have an actual list. I should, though. Why I think I'm going to remember all of it is beyond me. My memory is shot.
Two days ago a flower bloomed in my little bed off of the kitchen and I had no idea what it was nor any memory of planting it. It had to have been planted a while ago because it's come up through the border grass which widens itself every year. Kathleen came by yesterday with a box of fun stuff for the kids and while she was here, I asked her what it was.
"That's a walking iris," she said. "I have one blooming too." She claimed she didn't remember planting hers either but I think she was just trying to make me feel better.

I'm feeling flat-out old today. My aches which have diminished since I lost some weight are back in full and once again, I am suffering from The Little Mermaid On Land Walking Disorder in that every step I take is painful. I am the opposite of the cat who, when she walks, glides so silently that I am constantly surprised to find her in places that she wasn't just seconds before. I think she may have an invisibility cloak as well. I, on the other hand, plod noisily and can probably be heard from outer space as I move from porch to kitchen to hen house.

Oh well. I need to get moving despite the aches. Lots to do today and there's a gathering at the funeral home for MawMaw tonight and then the service and burial tomorrow.
I feel almost paralyzed with all of it but one step at a time and here we go. At least I am not anxious. The Celexa is helping so much and if I have to be on this drug for the rest of my life to avoid the terror that I was living in just a few months ago, I will do it. Gladly and thankfully.

Let us plod on.

Happy Friday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon

(Do you know why there are so many pictures on the internet of cats? Because cats pose. They love to have their pictures taken, unlike children and chickens who dart and blur. Cats are like supermodels. They preen and wait to hear the click, then move into their next pose. They know their good sides and they offer them to the camera. This is just a theory. But I'm pretty sure I'm correct.)


  1. Oh Mary! They DO pose. Just like super models. Dang you made me laugh.

  2. Dogs pose too. I have more cat and dog pictures than a normal person should.
    I'm achy today too. And not well in the head.
    Make a list. You won't regret it! (I make lists then forget them at home!)


  3. Is this going to turn into a cat blog? :-)


  4. I'm a big fan of cats and NSAIDs.

  5. Good cat post theory.

    I think one of your first posts that I read was a getting-new-glasses one. They were purple. I feel pleasantly nostalgic now :)

  6. I couldn't believe when you showed me the iris. I swear I did not know where it came from when it bloomed this year in my yard. But as soon as I saw it in your yard, I thought we must have gotten them at a Goodwood plant sale. And when you said, "maybe it is from a long time ago, and everything was just right this year to bloom." I thought that is reasonable and possible, and I felt much better with a place that plant might have come.

    You are also completely correct about those who make super models and those who are meant strictly for videos.

    love to you and Mr. Moon

  7. That's a superior kitty. In a good way, that is. And better glasses can be such a relief!

  8. very photogenic kitty to be sure

  9. Thanks for helping me with my diagnosis, I think I have a touch of tha Little Mermaid disorder in my right foot. Definitely.
    But there is a cure, it's the Purring Cat on Lap treatment. It works with very old cats (mine), no verified results for younger stray cats yet, but worth a try.

  10. Rebecca- They're sexy and they know it.

    heartinhand- I always leave my list at home unless I make it on my phone.

    Birdie- NO!

    Joanne- I live and breathe by the Ibuprofen.

    Jo- Dear god but you've known me for a long time.

    Kathleen- Well, it's a beautiful little flower. A gift we gave to ourselves a long time ago and can appreciate just now. Sort of nice, right?
    Love back to you.

    A- It's very nice to be able to see. And she is a sweet kitty. I swear.
    Unless you're a skink.

    Anonymous- She loves the camera. She tries to nip it.

    Steve Reed- All right. Then you have a dog blog!
    The Adventures of Olga and Maurice!

    Sabine- Maurice is not much of a purrer. Just a settler-in. Maybe she will start purring more as she gets older.

  11. Cats do love to pose. I am feeling a little bit achey today too. Been working out a lot and then sailing this afternoon.


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