Friday, May 2, 2014

I Am So Discombobulated But Happy

It was a celebration! We all met up for pizza and celebration and had such a good time and then we stayed for Hank's trivia and our team (The Birthday Babies) came in first. What? Yes!
Hank does the best trivia. 
It was Jessie, Vergil, Mr. Moon, Liz Sparks, and me. Thank god for Jessie and Liz Sparks but we all knew something and together, we were a good team.

We didn't get home and in bed until after one. I closed my eyes, I opened them again and it was 9:30 and I haven't slept that long in about ten thousand years and it's still raining but that is okay and now I have to go to town to pick out new glasses with my Jessie.

Golly. Life gets exciting when Jessie and Vergil come to town.


  1. Fun! It's about time! (Do you think trivia is the hardest thing ever? Everytime I play I realize I don't know ANYTHING. xo

  2. Angella- You know.

    Betsy- Yes. I realize that I don't know anything and what I did know, I don't remember. Except for a few things. Thank god for a team.

  3. I am sure Hank would be good with trivia. Sounds like a good time.


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