Friday, May 16, 2014

The Wind Is Still Here

It is already past ten thirty in the morning and we've just had our breakfast (eggs with peppers and onions wrapped in tortillas for me) and our waiter is Sergio and he calls me Mary and my husband Glen and so, we know each other a little.
The wind is blowing and tossing the coconut palms and the sea grapes are swaying and the ocean is crashing and the big boats are plowing through the water, great engines churning, they leave bridal veils of white foamy wake, the Pilot of the Port's boat has passed over and over again as the cruise ships have come in.

I am so languid I can barely type.

I was sitting at breakfast, eyes out to the water of course and I realized I was not thinking about a thing which of course meant I was thinking about not thinking but if I did meditate I'm pretty sure it would be like that. Coming back to consciousness only to realize I had been away for awhile.
We discussed the fact that so many of the visitors to Cozumel are older- our age, and a bit older, a bit younger but right now I am looking at some young hipstery looking folks, the men in bandanas on their heads, they are probably here to dive (everyone at the Blue Angel but me is here to dive) and wait, I just checked out for about ten minutes, writing that sentence, back to the water.

And now we're going to town to get...what? I can't remember. More water. Always water. Fruit and a knife to cut it with. Probably yogurt drinks.

I will tell you that the magic is happening for me and my love. Together every moment and oh, how we laugh and talk and love.

What a miracle. All of it.


  1. This is probably what is meant by being in your element. So perfect.

  2. I find the ocean has a powerful calming effect on me, always, it feels like home. How I miss it! Living on an island a half-mile wide, the sound and scent of the ocean was always there in the background. Glad you are unwinding and becoming...yourselves, only moreso.


  3. Nothing like the water to meditate over and relax. It is such a part of me. Ready to get on that 5:30 AM flight--ugh.

  4. I'm so happy you used the word languid.

  5. Angella- Oh my god. You are right. This IS my element.

    Invisigal- Exactly as I wrote in my journal tonight. And yes. Islands. There is nothing like an island.

    Syd- I thought of you so much today as we watched a sailboat rescue. Good travels. May you love Mexico a millionth as much as I do.

    Maggie May- If anything, I am more than languid. I am almost liquid.

  6. Those check-out moments are so valuable. You are recharging your brain!


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