Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Morning Hours

It is still startling to me to look up and see one of the cruise ships going by. They are enormous, gigantic, like floating villages or continents. I wonder how many Lloyds would fit into one.

God, we are so lazy. It's hard to pull ourselves away from this little patio overlooking the pool, the water. We drink our coffee, we slowly amble upstairs to eat, we watch other people, the water, the birds that come in and beg politely for food. No one seems to pay them much mind.
Then we come back to the patio and drink a little more coffee and read and space out and occasionally say, "What do you want to do today?"

Our neighbors here are not from Louisiana or Texas but from Atlanta. They are friendly and do not seem mysterious like the Very Thin Woman I was so fascinated with at Hotel B two years ago. They stop to chat and we discuss restaurants, being old hippies, etc.
They are coffee drinkers. Yes, so are we, and yes, we did buy our own pot as did they but they have an entire patio table set up for constant coffee making and consumption and they brought their own stainless steel thermos mugs. I have not seen them take a drink of alcoholic nature but they sure do love their coffee.

Not much wild partying here at the Blue Angel. We may have truly found our place.

I think we are going to ride the scooter around town today. One of my favorite things to do. We may ever travel across the transverse road. Who knows? Whatever we do, I will enjoy it. That's a given.

I have a belly full of eggs and tortillas and black beans, a mind full of not much at all.

I could hardly be happier because when you are in your paradise, it is all, by very definition, paradisaical. There seems to be some confusion about the spelling of that word and I do not give a rat's ass.

Here come the boats, there go the boats, sail boats, dive boats, ferry boats, pilot boats.
The birds fuss, the pelicans sit on piers. The waves sigh in and out. Perhaps the mama turtle is somewhere laying her eggs. If so, she is in private but I can imagine her and it is restful to think of it.

Good morning.

Love from Cozumel...Ms. Moon


  1. Sound like you are having the wonderful, peaceful time you have been dreaming of. Carry on! x0 N2

  2. I get butterflies when I think of you enjoying your paradise. Carry on.

  3. I'm going to be living through you for a while… heavenly! I can see a pool from my cubicle at work, but that doesn't help one damn bit. Enjoy your quiet mind! xoxo

  4. I think that's the plan, isn't it? To do as little as possible short of starving to death or letting your heart stop. 299542274

  5. You and your man sound like me and mine...get up, sit on the deck, drink coffee, and spend maybe a little too long discussing what we want to do later. Then we eat, go to the pool and/or the beach, and spend the day being sun and water worshipers. Tomorrow we're going in search of winter rentals here....which is a REALLY big deal for a girl from Illinois who hates that winter snow! I hope you're enjoying your bliss!

  6. N2- I am! Thank you!

    Nancy- I will continue to try and give you butterflies. The very idea makes me happy.

    Rachel- I am. I will. I swear.

    Bob- Sometimes, at least.

    Catrina- Mmmmm. Sounds like a great idea!

  7. I like to go and do things and then crash for a nap. We met the locals but not many Americanos. I know that you are relaxing and enjoying it all!


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