Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Me Being Typically Me

And life goes on, doesn't it?
Good morning. Another beautiful day here in Lloyd, and Maurice and I are in a battle of wills as she wants to be on my laptop keyboard under my fingers and I don't see that as a good idea. This cat. How in the world am I going to have time to take her to a vet in the next week when I have to get ready to go to Mexico and also have my days with the boys? How is it that a cat's will can be stronger than mine and Mr. Moon's together?
She eats the dogs' food, she goes outside when we make the dogs go out. She also eats my outdoor cat Luna's food and if Luna has a problem with that, Maurice blows up and turns into Godzilla, chasing poor Luna away and yes, I do feed Maurice her own cat food, in the kitchen, under the butcher block so the dogs can't get it.
Oh, it's just a party around here.
Right now she is under the bird feeder.
Fuck me.
Next thing you know she'll be going into heat and seriously, people, NO!

In other completely insignificant news, I am wearing a pair of shorts today that I haven't worn in years. Meaning, they fit again. Don't get too excited. They are men's cargo shorts, of course. Attractive as HELL. I have not yet begun to pack for Cozumel but I did buy a suitcase yesterday at the Goodwill. Yes. The Goodwill. It's red and all the zippers work and it has approximately forty-eight price stickers on it. When I took it to the register I said, "I'm not sure you'll be able to figure out the price." My attempt at humor which went right over the cashier's head. She merely thought I was insane. I did not have any cashier interaction yesterday which went well. When I bought a phone charger at the Best Buy, the guy rang up my purchase, never once making eye-contact and when I thanked him, he looked at a spot about nine inches over the back of my left shoulder and said, "Enjoy your purchase."
"Sure," I said. "I'm going to rush right home and just enjoy the hell out of this thing I plug into the wall."
What the fuck?

The boys are coming soon and I hope we have a good time today. They have not yet met Maurice so this will be fun. For them, at least. I am hoping that our tormenting gnats do not come back out today because I absolutely cannot tolerate them. They do not bite but merely cluster around us, trying to enter our eyes, noses, and ears. It's simply infuriating and bug spray does nothing to deter them. I believe it may attract them. We do not even need to discuss the mosquitoes. I think that all this rain we've had has activated the larva of every mosquito who ever laid larva in the history of Florida.
It's paradise!

But mostly and truly, I am thinking of Billy and his family and how they have woken up to a day in which neither their MawMaw nor their PawPaw is alive and how that must be a blow to the heart, the mind, the belly. I am thinking of the little cemetery under the trees where PawPaw's body was laid to rest and how we'll be going back there soon. I am remembering the gathering after PawPaw's burial where everyone tried to get MawMaw to eat something. A little bite of fruit, a tiny sandwich. Anything. I am thinking of how amazing and miraculous it is to wake up with only the usual amount of pain and worry, the little concerns of a daily life- a cat to be dealt with, a trip to get ready for- as well as the everyday joys- the fact of an appetite and the appeasing of it with fruit and yogurt, the anticipation of a grandchild's kisses, the knowledge that in just a few days that trip will be embarked upon with one's longtime true love to a place of magic and a sea of every color of blue and green and purple.
All miracles, even the fucking damn gnats who are honestly just living their lives and who's to say those lives are of any less significance than mine?

I am thinking of all of these things and being aware that I am in the middle of all of it and that this is my time on this earth to do with as I will, as I want, as I am able.

And it is good.


  1. Please extend my sympathies to Billy and his family. May his Maw Maw rest easy where she is.

  2. After my scale awakening yesterday, I am afraid to try on my shorts. I don't a need that kind of reminder of my apparent lack of self control today. Thankfully, it's cold and frosty this morning. Seriously it feels like fall. Maybe that's why I'm melancholy?
    That cat may be spayed, they'd know at the vet! Lol!! Sounds like she found a place in this world right there in your house!

  3. The last time my grandgirls were here we went to the antique emporium and they had some old hard side luggage. You know, the American tourister kind, the kind not even the gorilla could damage. The twins were fascinated with them. Opened every one, examined them closely. Went and looked at other things then came back and looked at them again. It amused me quite a bit.

  4. I like Maurice, but she better be nicer to Luna or I'll stop liking her. You can pass that along to her.

    The interactions with the checkout people is something I totally get. I do not like to be all chatty with them but I DO make a point of looking them in the eye and saying thank you. Usually they are not looking in my eye.

  5. Mary-

    You got it, man, you got it in fucking spades.

    You show us what it means to live life the way it is intended to be lived.

    You make me so damn happy.



  6. That last paragraph says it all.

  7. Ohh, that cat...

    My sympathies to Billy, I'm so sorry for his loss xx

  8. Your interaction with store clerks seems to have a definite theme to it. Rather sad, but how bright does one need to be to be a clerk at the Good Will? (not terribly?)
    Had to go trouser shopping today as well, but I mentioned going to the Thrift Store (just another name for the same place) for some "gardening pants" and was given the stink eye by the boss.
    So that meant Mark's Work Warehouse. Spent way too much on jeans as far as I'm concerned, but at least I can be seen in public. Won't wear them in the garden though. *sigh*

  9. Most of this post, with your wry sense of humor summing up each experience cracked me up. I think Maurice might be entertainment enough for the boys. I kinda feel sorry for kittens when kids get excited around them and want to love them up so much, they don't know what to do. But it is a good test of how flexible Maurice really is. It seems Maurice has really attached herself to you and I hear your concerns and at the same time, I think she's one smart kitty. I hope she ends up with you or Lily and gets her feline tendencies under control so she becomes acceptable. Sweet Jo

  10. Just what is it with cashiers anyway? It's like one of the requirements to be a cashier is you have to hate people. They never ever have a sense of humor. I just don't get it.

  11. Angella- I will. And I am sure she is. Thank you.

    heartinhand- Whatever. If she is not, we will get her spayed. Because yes, I am afraid she has found a home.

    Ellen Abbott- I have an old Samsonite suitcase which has played a role in many pretend trips around here. Often packed with stuffed animals for the journey.

    Jill- Maurice would hardly deign to sup outside now so it's not a problem for Luna.
    Yeah- is it so much to ask for a little eye contact?

    Scott- Man. You make me feel like I'm okay. Do you know how much I appreciate that? More than you know. Thank you.
    Also- I am just very, very lucky.

    Elizabeth- In which I am preaching to myself. I need to remember this. Thanks.

    Jo- I will give them to Billy. Thank you.

    Bob- Man up, man! Go to the Goodwill and buy TWO pairs of gardening pants. But The Boss a pretty little dish or something while you're there.

    Sweet Jo- I am afraid she has chosen me and there is nothing I can do but submit. Sigh...

    Rubye Jack- Seriously. A lack of a sense of humor is not a good thing in anyone who has to deal with the public although to be honest, dealing with the public is probably a good way to lose one's sense of humor pretty fast.

  12. I like to think about what DFW said about the people in grocery stores. Having lots of compassion for those who are going on rote in minimum wage jobs. Hard to be enthusiastic and maybe they just have crummy days more than the rest of us.


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