Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pictures And Commentary

I weeded some and cleaned out the chickens' houses and put the poopy hay next to the squash which, perhaps through benign neglect is actually doing well this year. Then I weeded over where the potatoes lie so I could get a damn shovel in there. By the time I'd done that and dug up about half the potatoes I was done. Weaving and tipsy from heat I came in and showered, took a little nap with Maurice. I simply cannot believe how this cat has insinuated herself into our lives. She is not needy as some cats are, nor does she suffer a fool gladly. Let me just say that she does not like to be kissed on the face.

She has settled down from being in heat and slept quietly last night and at six a.m., she walked over to Mr. Moon and gently tapped his face, asked, "Brrrowl?" and jumped off the bed and ran to the door. I was thinking about what good company she will be for me this winter when Mr. Moon goes to Canada to hunt. And honestly- I've never even seen her pee or poop outside and certainly she does not go in the house. She is very tidy and private in her ablutions as befits a finely bred lady.

Yeah. I'm stuck for life. And no, I never thought this would happen.

Here are a dozen of the fourteen chickens. I went out and fed them grapes and their immense hunger for those little red orbs overcame their disdain for each other as applies to flocks. Sort of. Elvis shows no signs of aggression towards the babies but they keep their distance. 

One of the flowers of the Magnolia Grandaflora by the garden. Mr. Moon keeps threatening to cut it down because it blocks the sunlight from the garden but I refuse to let him. We compromised in that he trimmed the branches way, way up. I don't even know how he did that but he did and although I would rather have the blossoms where I can pluck them (that picture was taken with the distance lens), I can still smell them and there is that and it is fine enough. 

One of the lace-cap hydrangeas. If I would get off my lazy butt, I would plant some of the more traditional ones because I love them but where would I put them? There is no place in this yard that gets enough sun to ensure proper blooming. At least, that's what I tell my lazy-butt self. 

The oak leaf hydrangea. These were here when I got here and I am so glad. I occasionally weed around them but that's all I have to do. I pick them when they dry and the dried flowers last for years. And years. And more years. But I tell you this- I would grow them for their leaves alone. 

The wisteria is enjoying its sparse second bloom. A few purple exclamation points in the thick greenery. 

From my hens and the garden which I think of as being completely useless at the moment. And of course there are the potatoes and as I said the other day, the eggplants and peppers look sturdy and happy. The tomatoes are definitely hurting and need staking badly and are dying on the vine. There are approximately seven bean plants which are putting out tiny beans. The peas in that picture are way over-mature but I am going to shell them and make a stew with them along with last night's venison, potatoes, onions and carrots. And cook some squash with onions and basil, also from the garden. Mr. Moon has reported in and he was unable to fix the Toyota but his new boat motor is running beautifully. He'll be home eventually. 

So here I am, feeling languid and grateful that no yellow flies are biting my ankles tonight. Time to go chop and simmer and shell and heat and thicken and stir. 

The great hot, funky stew of summer. Dip your spoon in. Enjoy every bite. 


  1. Except for the cat, it all looks good.

  2. Love Maurice and know that she will be a great companion for you. We have a cat that snuggles with us in the morning. The Evil Seed is a large Siamese who insists on jumping on my back.

  3. Elizabeth- I know. Please try not to shame me.
    (A) I can't help it.
    (B) I am a Leo. Which, you know, means nothing.

    Syd- No back-pouncing! I think Maurice knows that Mr. Moon would not accept that behavior at all. Although...he's sort of head over heels in love with this cat. But I do believe she understands the limits of his tolerance.

  4. I have no idea how my garden looks as I haven't been home in a week. But I will find out today.

  5. is your cat a hemmingway cat? she looks like she has that extra toe on her front paws.

    enjoying seeing the fruits of your labor.


  6. Maurice is making me want another cat, but my last one died a couple of years ago and it broke my heart. I don't think I can go through it again.

  7. Reading about Maurice makes me miss my cats. I've never believed in the dog-people, cat-people divide. I think I'm both.

    Those vegetables look amazing!

  8. Ellen Abbott- May it be fine.

    Mrs. A- Nope! I checked! She has only the normal number of digits.

    Lois- I completely understand and I never, ever would have voluntarily taken on another cat if fate had not stepped in.

    Steve Reed- I think I may have been a cat person all along. I mean- does anyone bitch about their dogs as much as I do?

  9. She's a lovely cat. I'm glad she found you, her perfect people.


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