Monday, May 5, 2014

Saying Good-Bye, Philosophizing And An Amazing Household Hint

These two just left.
So yeah, expect a little sadness here for a few days. God. It's just been so good to have them here.
They are love.

They're seriously looking at houses in Tallahassee, hoping to buy one and move within the year, to start a family. I hold on to that thought. I hold on to it fiercely.

Meanwhile, guess who's sitting in the chair behind me? 

Good thing my butt's not that big.
Ah lah.

I'm going to go put up a notice at the Post Office. If no one claims her, I think Lily will take her. She just acts like she owns this place and part of me would love to keep her. We need a mouser and she's sweet and polite and smart but I just don't want another creature to take care of. Especially one that probably needs spaying and will need flea control and who might hunt our birds. I've already had to stop her from going after a lizard. I love my wild creatures. 

All right. Here's something that Vergil came up with that Jessie showed me this morning which is going to CHANGE MY LIFE!

A regular Mason jar will fit the blender connection thing meaning that you can make your smoothie and drink it out of the same container. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Why don't they teach you things like this in school? Could also be used for margaritas, I suppose. And it just occurred to me that I could use the 8 ounce size jars to make just the right amount of salad dressing in. 
It's good to have an engineer for a son-in-law. 
Especially if he's a Vergil. 
Damn but I love that boy. And I love how he loves my daughter. Makes my heart rest a little easier, you know? A lot easier, to tell you the truth. One never ever knows what life is going to present and it is just an absolutely invaluable blessing to have someone by your side who will help you through it all. To share the the joys and the sorrows, not to be trite but to be completely honest. 
And those two? They will. Just as Lily and Jason do. Just as Mr. Moon and I do. 

All right. I'm going to start crying here in a second. I need to go put up that notice at the P.O. Take a walk. Maybe go buy a suitcase later. I have got to get ready for this trip. My baby has come and gone, life proceeds with laundry and grocery shopping, with sweeping and weeping, laughing and sighing, washing and buying.  

I reach behind me and stroke the cat. She offers her head to me, closes her eyes in contentment. 

Fuck it. I'm going to cry anyway. Which is all right. I will laugh later, I'm sure.

Happy Monday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Aw, I think I might cry a little bit now too.

  2. Beautiful post even if it did gush about cats. I love the image of you going to buy a suitcase. Mexico!

  3. Keep the cat. She loves you and she's claimed your home.

  4. XXX and it's international day of the midwife!

  5. Did we mention that petting a cat lowers blood pressure?

  6. How the hell do you tip the Mason jar back up without the guts spilling out and the bottom of my blender is super heavy or do I have the wrong kind of blender a 598 year old Waring?

  7. Jo- You can join me.

    Elizabeth- Oh Lord. I don't mean to gush. No. No. No. I do not want a cat.

    Joanne- Not if it kills things and brings them in the house. Which this one has already done.

    Rebecca- My blender is a Oster. It has a band with the blades and a rubber gasket that the jar part screws into. A mason or ball jar has the same size mouth and I can screw the blades and gasket onto the jar with the band when the glass is right-side up. Then I just tip it over (it's then sealed) and put it into the opening where that part always goes. Does this make sense?

  8. No but my prove you're not a robot words do : WHICH EXAMMYS. Should I be worried? I just posted at Elizabeth's house and my prove you're not a robot word was INSTRUCTIONS.


  9. Rebecca- Sometimes I do the auditory prove-the-robot thing. It's a hell of a lot easier.
    Okay. Maybe I should do a tutorial with pictures.

  10. I just keep clicking the little spinny thing until the numbers show up.

  11. I am so happy for you that your daughter and son-in-law are planning to move back here and start their family. I've been crying a lot since my daughter and son-in-law took my two oldest grandchildren and moved to Orlando. It's just not the same when I have to go weeks without seeing them after having them with me every day. I don't know if I will ever get over it.

  12. I have to try that blender thing. If it's really liquidy, do you just tip the whole concoction upside down? I guess I'll find out. Cool.

  13. What Bob said.

    And yeah, don't you hate it when people you love go home?

  14. They don't just kill things, they half-kill things, and bring them in the house for you to dispatch. Shudder.

  15. Rebecca- And I did not know you could do that. Thank you.

    Lois- I can't imagine. I feel so bad for you. I would not have understood before I had grandchildren whom I see so often but now I most certainly do understand.

    Bob- Check out my newest post. Everything is explained.

    Denise- Yes. I hate it. But I love that Jessie and Vergil have a life they love in Asheville. Still though, I want them HERE. Especially when babies come.

    Jo- Well, Maurice's first kill was completely dead. Still, a bit shocking and sad.

  16. Oh hell- I'm sorry.

    Elizabeth- I am trying not to gush. I am trying to be pragmatic. I see I am not succeeding very well.

    Anonymous- I want to find her the best home possible. I am not sure yet what that will mean.

    Beth- Yes! And I posted on FB about how much I respect midwives and how much I love the ones I know. Thank you for being one of those.

  17. The jars? Hello. I have ones with handles. Best drinking vessels ever, save for my stainless steel wine glasses. I have regular drinking glasses but they are for people who don't break glasses every 12 seconds.

    I just bought an Oster because my sunbeam shit the bed, I'm totally going to try this tomorrow.

  18. Laughing and crying, you know it's the same release. :) (Yes, that Joni quote again. It's just so appropriate!)

  19. I adore that Jesse and Virgil are so happy together. I remember when they met!


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