Sunday, May 4, 2014

And The Cat Came Back

Well, except for the unrelenting tormenting pestilence of the gnats and mosquitoes whenever we were outside, it was a very fine day. Owen wanted Boppy to put him up a Tarzan rope off the tower and so his Boppy did. There was a lot of Tarzan yelling and swinging. And Vergil and Mr. Moon did a lot of tree trimming and so my mulberry tree may now grow straight up instead of leaning towards the west to find sunlight. They used some of the branches to make the tower a secret agent spy clubhouse and/or a Tarzan tree house and/or a deer stand.
Let me just say that Owen is going to sleep very, very well tonight. And that he really needs a bath.

Those boys were so happy to be here with not only Mer and Boppy but with Mommy and Jessie and Vergil too. It was their dream of heaven. And then our Melissa showed up! When it came time to leave, Owen had a very hard time. He wanted so badly to stay until night time. His mother, however, is still recovering from the pukes and was very tired and needed to get home and when he left he kissed me sweetly and promises were made about the next time we get together and all is well.

Melissa is going to stay here for part of the time when we're in Mexico so I showed her where the chicken feed is and explained how we do it all and gave her the cat and dog-feeding instructions. She and Jessie have been best friends and then bandmates since, oh, before they hit puberty. So Melissa is one of my girls and I love her to pieces. She is part of our tribe.

Here's Gibson, feeding scratch to the baby chickens.

He is growing up way too fast. I asked him if he wanted to hold Nicey and he said, "No. Too big."
And there you go. When Boppy and Vergil and Owen took a trailer of junk that Mr. Moon cleaned out of the garage to the dump, he saw them leaving and wailed, "Boppy!" and so we let him go too which meant riding the one block to the trash place in front of his grandfather and behind his brother on the four-wheeler while Vergil rode on the trailer.
Big doin's in Lloyd today, y'all.

Now I'm caramelizing onions to to make a broth for a little venison pot roast with potatoes and carrots and guess who just showed back up?

Dammit, she acts like she owns the house and all the creatures in it.


Oh my good sweet baby Jesus. Those onions smell good.

That cat is not stupid.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I'm sorry but I just love that cat already.

  2. Ha!!! That last picture made me actually laugh out loud. I knew that damn thing would be back. What does Luna think of it?

  3. NOLA- Do not get too attached. I mean it.

    SJ- Since Luna is outside, she doesn't even know what's going on. Bless her heart.

  4. It is a very pretty cat. And um, I'm remembering some very scary post about _ _ dents.

  5. Denise- Yes. But I cannot deal with an indoor cat (no litter boxes!) and we love our birds so much. Hell. Fire. Damn.

  6. Sounds like a losing battle with the cat. Just saying.

  7. And such goodness all through your day. Love the photos.

  8. Your expression in the last pic is awesome!

  9. Just set out some food like with Luna, and have her be outside. Or at least, outside at night. She probably lives with a neighbor...comes and goes. Our orange cat had a literal trail worn in the grass between our house and our neighbors house, and he would just spend the night wherever he felt like. They made a bed for him in the garage.

    Funny story -- we had no idea OJ (cat) was doing this secret game w/ the neighbors, until we ran over there one evening when the tornado sirens went off (they had a basement, we did not). So we fly in, dripping wet, scared (I was about 12 years old). And found OJ, curled up on the couch. Our jaws dropped, and so did the neighbors'...they had no idea that he wasn't a stray!

    Ah, orange cats.

  10. When I was a child I had all kinds of pets, and my favorite was a rabbit named Beethoven. That rabbit could get out of any cage and he would take himself for walks. Soon he convinced the neighbors that he should be allowed inside their house and he would visit for a few days and then I'd get off the school bus and he'd be waiting for me and he'd happily hop along beside me and I'd put him back in his cage for him to rest until the whole cycle began again (they had two young boys who wore him out, I'm sure).

    Could you live with shared custody like that? Like you said, he obviously has people because he has such good manners, but he could be a part-time member of your tribe? And you already have outdoor cats, so would he really hurt the bird population more?

    Just teach him that at bedtime, he needs to go elsewhere.

  11. Come on. you are going to surrender to the kitty, I don't care how sardonic your facial expression is, you must know it, anyway kitties are psychic, petty sure that one knows you don't want her to bother your birdies, cats can be flexible and accommodating. :)

  12. I love kittens. I just rescued one hanging around my backyard, named it Marvin, took it to the vet to make sure it wasn't chipped, got its well check, and brought it to a friend who just finished chemo. I can visit it all I want and she has a little companion. Oh and Marvin turned out to be a girl. I love her. Sweet Jo

  13. I love going to the dump. There's something cathartic about it.

    What is this cat?! Clearly I need to catch up on the doings in Lloyd.

  14. Throw a collar with a note on it and see what comes back!!

  15. Angella- It is a persistent cuss.

    Jill- Can you see how I am feeling?

    SJ- If he's someone else's he sure is spending a lot of time here. And I do not think he'd accept being an outdoor cat. Dammit. An orange cat named OJ, huh? He had all y'all fooled. And I don't think Luna has hunted so much as a grasshopper in years.

    NOLA- I've never been any good at training any cat to do anything. Or to not do anything. That's a great story about the rabbit.

    Ellen Abbott- Was there any doubt?

    Asheville Cabby- I'm pretty sure that this cat is going to hunt since he already has. Maybe I'M not psychic enough to let it know.

    Sweet Jo- But, honey! You are SWEET. I am not. I have no desire to take anything to a vet. I wish you were closer so you could just come and take this one. You are a wonderful friend.

    Steve Reed- It IS cathartic to go to the dump.

    Heartinhand- I don't think it's going "home" any more. But we did talk about doing that.


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