Monday, May 12, 2014

Thinking Out Loud

I have so much to do before I leave and here I sit on my ass, lurking on Facebook. What a time waste. Jesus. Why do I do that?
Anyway, life here at the zoo is pretty okay. Here's how it goes in the mornings:
1. Make the dogs go outside. Maurice goes with them.
2. Feed the cat(s). Our outdoor cat Luna and whatever stray is hanging about. Today and last night it was another orange cat whom we've never seen before. A full-grown cat and no, that cat is not coming inside. Ever. Feed Maurice inside.
3. Get the paper. Read some of it.
4. Go let the chickens out and give them scratch. I can't let them out until the cat(s) have eaten because the chickens rush their food bowl and drive the cat(s) away.
5. Fill the dogs' bowl.
6. Waste time on the internet.
7. Eventually drink my smoothie and figure out what I'm doing for the day.
8. Fill Maurice's bowl again because Dolly and/or Buster have wiggled their way under the butcher block and eaten her food.

No wonder we go through a ton of cat food a week. To even things out, Maurice will eat the dogs' food occasionally if nothing else is available.

When did I sign up to be an animal caretaker?

So that's about how it's going here this morning. I need to somehow get Anna here today to show her where everything is. Anna is staying here to take over the role of animal caretaker most of the time while we are gone. God bless Anna. I need to buy books. Yes, I will Kindle some of them but not all. I need a sewing kit for emergency repairs. I need to get my hair trimmed. I need to take stuff out of my suitcase. I need to do laundry and put more stuff in my suitcase. Underwear, mostly. I am also maybe supposed to go look at a house that Vergil and Jessie are interested in. I need to water the porch plants. I need to go to the grocery store and stock up on cat food.

I am now drinking my smoothie and I suppose this is my list of things to do.

I feel almost well. I guess. Facebook would like to know if my surgery prolapse went wrong. I am most grateful that I can honestly report that no, it did not in that I have not had prolapse surgery. Every time I see the words "transvaginal mesh" I want to die a little bit. I also want to give great thanks for the fact that my uterus is still where it's supposed to be as far as I know.
I hope I haven't just jinxed myself.

Happy Monday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Have a wonderful trip. Do these marketers think that every woman over 50 has had prolapse surgery? I blocked one from fb I am sure more will find me. Gail

  2. When are you leaving again? And could that new orange cat belong to the kids across the street?

  3. Thank God, I haven't had anything prolapse today. Another day of gratitude.

  4. Gail- You know they will.

    Angella- We're leaving Thursday. Early a.m. We should be in Cozumel by 1:30.
    Maurice does not belong to any of the neighbors. I have checked.

    Syd- Haha! I'm glad you've had nothing prolapse either.

  5. enjoy your trip and when you have a second, please pass our condolences along to billy and his family.


  6. Hubby and I are leaving for Florida early Friday morning. I spent the weekend doing pretty much nothing, with the quiet promise to myself that today I'd really get busy. In the 11 hours I've been awake I've done two loads of laundry, cleaned two bathrooms, and cleaned cabinets in my kitchen....none of which will get me closer to getting suitcases packed. I'm so excited about going to Florida, but I'm SO unmotivated!

  7. asheville cabbieMay 12, 2014 at 10:31 PM

    "A full-grown cat and no, that cat is not coming inside. Ever."

    Baby girl, you really need to guard yourself from making unequivocal comments like that, look what happened last time...

  8. Transvaginal mesh makes me quiver. I hope my junk stays put too.

  9. The transvaginal mesh people must have deposited a bunch of money in the facebook advertising account. I can't get that diagram of (what IS that??) to stop showing up in my facebook feed.

  10. I'm not sure what to say about transvaginal mesh, but I can confirm that I've seen some pretty bizarre ads on my Facebook as well!

  11. wait, maybe i read this wrong. i thought a second orange cat had wandered into your yard. i definitely wasn't talking about maurice, who i know is there to stay.

  12. Mrs. A- Will do and thank-you.

    catrina- Funny how we can go into hyper mode when we have to, isn't it? Where in Florida are you going to be?

    Asheville Cabby- Nah. That big orange cat is on the feral side. I doubt he/she would even want to come in.

    heartinhand- Yes. Pray god.

    Jill- Dang law firms.

    Steve Reed- I bet. I don't even want to imagine.

    Angella- Oh yes. It was a different cat. I believe that Maurice is here to stay unless something comes up to tempt her away.


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