Friday, May 23, 2014

Eating The Light

Quite honestly, I did not see the animal eating the setting sun in that picture I took this evening until just now. I was talking to one of the women who has been staying next door when I took the picture and we were trading such intense stories that we just snapped randomly as the sun went down and there you go. Is it a snake? A lizard? An iguana? A dinosaur?
I don't know. I just know that I see images in the clouds here unlike anything I ever see at home.
And maybe I'm just not paying enough attention at home. It is quite possible.

But here I do pay attention and there is that.

We had a fairly lazy day. We wanted to stay out of the sun as much as possible but we had a few things in town we needed to do and so we got on the moped and took a little drive up north and then came back, ran our errands, came home and got in the pool briefly, ate leftovers for lunch, took naps.

One of the places we stopped today was at the marina. Or one of the marinas. There are quite a few, I think. But this one is odd. There is an entire paved and walled area as well as a castle of sorts. I have no idea what any of it was for. It has been this way since we first started coming down here and it is an ongoing mystery. There's a plaque which states it was built in 1970 "Para El Pueblo de Cozumel."

That style of sea wall is very indigenous here. The one built in the main part of town is entirely painted white but in some places, the balls atop the wall are different colors. Last time we were here, I think those were turquoise and now they are green. 
Another mystery. Another part of the charm.

I learned some things today. I learned that despite how I think about myself, I judge books by their covers. I sometimes make snap judgements which do not turn out to prove true in the least. I feel a bit humbled. This is good. This is what life is all about. To learn that we do not know anyone's story until we know their story. And I thought I knew that. I was almost cocky in my belief that I knew that.
And yet, I discovered that although I may know it, I do not always practice it. 

So yes. Humbled. And richer for it. 

We went back to El Moro's tonight. The food was good but the welcome and good-bye of the owner were better. People here know how to hug. 
And they smell good.

I'll leave you with that. 

Buenos Noches...Senora Luna


  1. The blues of that ocean make me long to slide into it. So electric yet it promises to soothe. I love seeing this place through your heart.

  2. I love that seawall, and the way its colors blend with those of the ocean. Looks like a prime photography site!

    We all judge books by their covers, as much as we may remind ourselves not to. I think it's human nature, and we need to continually work against it to stay more open-minded.

  3. The colours! So hard to believe they're real.

  4. your pictures tell a thousand stories! i am glad you are enjoying your retreat.


  5. Or could it be a hand holding the sun. So glad you and Glen are having another wonderful Cozumel journey.

  6. That is a lesson I have to learn over and over again, all the time. I see a camel lifting her chin and stretching out her legs. Much love.

  7. The marinas and seawalls would captivate me. On our way back home after a good week.


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