Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Whiny, Whiny, Bitchy, Bitchy. Also Hungry

Despite nine hours of sleep I'm still exhausted. My back hurts. I have to go to the dentist today. We're out of chicken scratch. The garden is all weedy. We need some goats.
No we don't.
I've had my walk. Two and a half miles of torture. Thank you very much, I have now suffered mightily and can enjoy the rest of my day. If I can stand up.
What else can I bitch and moan about?
Not last night's supper which was lovely and good. Yep. That recipe works for me. I think it needs a little sitting time though after the cooking is well and truly done for it all to set up and thicken some. This is not the recipe for you if you are avoiding gluten although I suppose you could use gluten-free pasta. I don't know. I sort of want to use high-gluten everything these days as a backlash.
"Can I get you anything else, m'am?"
"Yes. I would like a side of gluten, please. And do you have any extra-gluten-y beers? I'll have two of those. Thank you."
Anyway, the addition of spinach was good and so were the extra cut-up cherry tomatoes and the diced peppers. If you like that sort of thing. You could add squash to it. Yellow or zucchini. You could add olives or capers or both. Instead of Parmesan (which I skipped anyway), you could add some nice goat cheese at the end. You could do anything!
So what I guess I am saying here is, it is a terrific recipe. Go forth and make it.
If you want to. I'm not the boss of you.

I'm hungry. Walking always makes me hungry. After the nausea passes. Well, there are plenty of leftovers. Now I have to figure out what to make for supper tonight. It never ends! Never! We are souls attached to mouths and digestive systems. You know this is the truth. Forget sex. Well, okay, maybe not entirely. But it is food and what we eat and where it comes from and how we make it and eating too much of it or eating the wrong things or not enough of the right things or TOO MUCH of the right things which we are obsessed with.
Me as much as anyone. Me more than anyone.
Perhaps I will make a nicoise salad. Yeah. That sounds good.
See? I'm obsessed.

Fuck. I'm exhausted. It's hot. How long until I can go back to bed? Hours and hours and hours. Last night I dreamed I was dancing with a man. I thought, "This is a dream and if it happens, it happens. It's just a dream." In the next dream scene, there were two Catholic priests. They were dying of AIDS. Talk about a buzzkill. So no, it didn't happen.
How crazy do you have to be to dream something like that? How monogamous? How faithful? How guilt-ridden?

I never dream about eating.

I might buy a new bedspread today. This could happen. I might go to play with the boys today. This, too, could happen. I am getting my teeth cleaned. I have already suffered and so now I can enjoy myself. Well, not at the dentist. They always try to give me an apple when I leave my dentist's office. I always refuse it. Who wants one of their crazy Red Delicious (now THERE'S a misnomer, at least as applies to the "delicious" part) mealy apples with no flavor? Who is that going to convince to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables?
See? It's all about food.

I'm hungry.

I'm bitchy. I'm whiny.

Good day.


  1. Maybe your aches and pains would improve if you stopped eating gluten. Going gluten-free certainly makes my daughter less whiny and bitchy ;)

  2. Jo- Yes. That may be true. Also, they would probably improve if I could get in a time machine and go back to being forty-eight or thirty-eight or twenty-eight instead of fifty-eight.
    I told you I was bitchy. And no, I seriously doubt that being gluten-free would do one damn thing about that although I am very glad to hear that it's helped your daughter. We are all different with different chemistries.

  3. You've turned that recipe into something like the fabled stone soup (You know that fable, right? If not, google is your friend): it's no longer a one-pot spaghetti dish but rather a vegetable soupy-stew with some spaghetti thrown in to starch things up. Sounds much better than the original.
    (The original recipe, not the original fable.)

  4. Well, I just read that drinking at least three cups of coffee does the trick for the brain, so perhaps you could give that a whirl? And it's just me, perhaps, but the cure for bitchiness is -- wait -- I forgot.

  5. "Fuck. I'm exhausted. It's hot. How long until I can go back to bed?"

    I quote this to explain just how much zest you bring to my life! This is what will get me through the day today. And thank you. xo

  6. I love this side of you!

    I had lunch with a gluten free person the other day (perhaps you read about it?) well, it was a shit show and that's all I'm saying about that.

    I need to go to town and pick up some food. Preferably some food made of chocolate.

  7. I concur with Angella (as I often do) and I am sick to death about foods that are good for you and not good for you and on and on. It's gotten so that I have developed all sorts of eating issues. My parents lived to be 89 and they ate everything. I guess all their foods were much more natural and it seems that's pretty much the way you eat with growing your own veggies and Mr Moon bringing the meat home sometimes. Anyway, I hate it and love eating (too, too much) and wish we didn't have to eat at the same time. Your boys are the cure to everything I think. I hope you see them today and if you feel bitchy and whiny and mean, flow with it cause you are provide such entertainment and "we sometimes feel that way too" feelings for us. Sweet Jo

  8. Oh, Oh, Oh. I'm bitchy now because I left the longest comment here and lost it on the wv, which was willpower.

    To recap, love you and your posts, intend to love the recipe for tonight's dinner and hope all four of us love it, hate red delicious apples, envy your walks, hope you feel better, hate that I never noticed that I never dream about eating, especially good stuff, and wish I had fun or nice dreams and no aches and bitchiness. Oh well. I'm happier than I was after stopping by, and that's a good thing.

    and now the wv is careful walkavr, which I will be when I send this comment.

  9. Face it, Food is God. Period.

  10. I'm kind of bitchy today too, and the weather is perfect. Usually it't the summer heat that makes me a little bitchy. But today i'm hot from the inside out. And i'm moody and itchy to boot. And a little tired. It's that menopause thing. Oh well. It happens. Nothing a little gluten or chocolate won't cure. And i haven't yet figured out why 'everyone' seems to have a gluten allergy these days. All my girlfriends treat it like it's the plague. I will not give it up. Ever.

    Thank you for sharing the recipe! Haven't made it yet, but will soon! :). You've walked a lot today and great for you! I hope you feel better tomorrow.

  11. And what Lo said! Food is IT.

  12. I'd be careful about trying that recipe with any of the GF pastas--
    they have their own fussy cooking requirements. OTOH, if you want to up your gluten quotient, seitan would be mainlining it. When you have a craving for faux-venison. Back in the days of frugal bread baking for hungry hippies, I used to make five nice loaves at a time with a recipe for four by swapping a cup of ww flour with high gluten flour. One of those folks is now a true celiac who dreams of baguettes.

  13. If I was near you I would by alcohol and come to your house and we could share. We would get so drunk an laugh so hard that we pee.

  14. I dream in scandals. If I can't live all of them I can dream all of them. Makes me feel like I have more stories than I do.

  15. I think red delicious apples are bullshit too.

    I have more to say than that but I don't feel like it.

  16. "We are souls attached to mouths and digestive systems."

    lmao.... HAHaaaa ... nice to meet another bitchy and whiny person...

    being old, I took a nap this afternoon and had a great dream... I remember waking up thinking ... that was really a great dream... wish I could remember what it was.

    I like pie but I don't think that was it ... I do dream of having sex though ... but never remember with whom. just as well ....

    Aw... just see you got word verification ... well, let me see if I can see the damn things...

  17. Hey Sorry you're bitchy whiney hot and tire-D! There was a song that went called "My Head Hurts, My Feet Stink and I Don't Love Jesus" I think you would like that song. :-) As I recall, it was pretty funny and well, blasphemous! In a good way.

    My, I'm babbling. Hope you feel better tomorrow. Maybe only one mile... it is hump day after all.

  18. Now, see, posts like this prove you are a really good writer. You can take a couple of minor daily incidents and make a long, funny story out of them. Not just anyone could do that!

    I think it's cool that the dentist gives away apples. You could always feed it to a grateful horse on the way home.

  19. Anonymous- And two days later I believe I'm about to add tuna and cheese to it. Stone soup indeed!

    Elizabeth- Yeah.Let me know if you remember it.

    Angella- I barely made it through the day myself yesterday. What was going on with gravity?

    Sweet Jo- It may well be that we're dealing with a whole different type of food than we are evolved to deal with. I don't know. I just know it gets wearisome, hearing about it all, doesn't it?

    Mel- You're precious to recap what was lost. Did you like the recipe?

    Lo- You are so right.

    Mary- Today has been a better day, energy wise. But not great. I think the heat is just hammering me.

    A- You're not saying that you gave the person Celiac with your bread are you? I hope not. Yes, I've heard that seitan is pure gluten.

    Birdie- Mmmm. Sounds like a plan.

    Rachel- You have plenty of stories. And you write about them beautifully.

    Jill- Haha! That made me laugh, girl.

    Carolyn- Hello and welcome and i am so glad you figured out the word verification. I hate it too but without it, I get spammed like crazy.

    Ms. Fleur- Yes, I vaguely remember that song. Or at least the title.

    Steve Reed- Actually, they had some Granny Smiths throw in with the red delicious. I should have taken one and given it to Owen or to the goats next door. You are right!


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