Monday, June 24, 2013

News And Opinions

I saw my turtle friend again on my walk this morning. It is always cheering for me to see him or her. I like to think of the creature as a grandmother turtle, trundling down the path on some grandturtle-related errand. Or it could be a cranky old man turtle, just off to better feeding grounds or for a dip in the pond. The duckweed appears to be glued permanently to its back.

I guess that Nelson Mandela is dying. His doctors claim to be doing "everything possible" for him. I wonder what that means. I wonder if it means they are trying to keep him alive or if it means that they are doing everything possible to try and keep him comfortable, to allow him to make an easy transition, which is what his daughter says she hopes for.
I hope it is the latter.
Ninety-four years old and he is no doubt, if there is really such a thing, a Bodhisattva. One of those beings who, upon reaching enlightenment, make a conscious decision to come back for another incarnation in order to help with the suffering of others. That's probably a very simplistic definition but it would explain a lot about certain people and their lives on this planet.
Anyway, I would wish him peace above all.

Bobby Blue Bland died.
Ah, Bobby Blue Bland. He was eighty-three so he had a pretty good ride too. I saw him once, opening for Mr. B.B. King (my daddy.) I'd never seen or heard anyone sing like Mr. Bland. And Bland was definitely a misnomer. That was a strange concert. I was in St. Petersburg and pregnant with Lily and B.B. had a lady back-up singer who seemed to be incredibly whacked out on some drug. Maybe heroin. I have no idea, but she swayed and danced on the front of the stage and it just was not like what you would normally see at a B.B. King concert at all, she was a wild card, out of control, and I wondered why Mr. King would tolerate that mess but he did and I figured maybe he was sleeping with her but who knows? Who the hell knows?
I do know that when B.B. King dies it's going to hit me hard. I know that for sure.

Here's another thing I've been pondering from the news: A bunch of conservative Christians who have banded together under the name "Freedom Federation" have stated that if the Supreme Court rules to allow gay marriage they will....
Well, that's the question.
Here's what part of their statement said:
"While there are many things we can endure, redefining marriage is so fundamental to the natural order and the true common good that this is a line we must draw and one we cannot and will not cross."

I don't know. 
How many wives did King David have? One man, one woman did not seem to be the order of the day back when he was a Biblical hotshot. I don't recall Jesus saying anything about what constituted marriage. Someone at some point redefined it. Also, what the hell was going on between David and his really, really good friend Jonathon? 
This is the problem with using the Bible to prove whatever bullshit you want to believe. Because you can find something in the Bible to support almost any notion. And if someone else with a different belief uses the same Bible to prove their notion, you can just claim misinterpretation.

Whatever. I'd rather just make up stories in my head about turtles. 

I think I'll go pull some more weeds. It would tickle me to pieces to have Mr. Moon come home and to be able to show him a nice, clean patch in the garden. 
I am a simple woman. I believe in simple things. Turtles and the blues, ripe tomatoes and chicken eggs. 
And mostly love.

Peace....Ms. Moon


  1. I don't remember writing this ... and cybered it over here? man I'm good but I'd rather it stayed over at my house so I could have gotten credit...

    I didn't know Bobby Blue Bland died!

  2. Oh yes, love is where it's at. And Nelson Mandela is one amazing man. I sure wish thete were more humans like him in the world and not those conservative Christians who think they have a right to decide what's right for everyone. You seem to be feeling better, and that's very good! Sending you peace from my corner of Oregon. :)

  3. I saw BB once in high school. I don't think I fully appreciated it then because I was with my parents and it was damn hot outside, but I'll certainly never forget it.

    I'm sick of the crazy ass people in this world. What does it matter to them? Really, what does it change in your day to day life if someone else wants to marry or divorce?! Ugh, I'm sick of them.

  4. I saw Bobby Blue Bland a couple of times back in my other life.

    Maybe those good Christian folk will get raptured.

    Also, I think you're far more complex than you let on.

  5. Simple you are not, dear Mary. Wise, however, you should claim, because you are that, in spades. Love.

  6. My understanding is that back in the days when the govmt wanted to control bigamy (Maybe a Mormon thing) a law was passed saying that marriage is defined as "one man and one woman... etc.." Funny thing is it was meant to be: One man one woman as opposed to one man two women... not one man one man or one man one woman... of course now the damn conservatives are using it to their advantage. Bla bla!

  7. Messed up that last woman to woman line, but you get it.

    Also, sad news about Mr. Mandela. I wish for his safe passage.

  8. Carolyn- I'm psychic but not THAT psychic.

    Mary- I do appreciate thoughts of peace. Thank you.

    Rachel- Amen to what you said. Fucking amen.

    Elizabeth- Did he throw his head back and with a completely phlegmy voice scream, "Awwwt!"
    And maybe I'm complex or maybe I'm really just not. I do not know.

    Angella- If only I was as wise as you think I am. Love you, baby.

    Ms. Fleur- I wish everyone could have the peaceful passage that our Sue-Sue had.

  9. Interesting. I hadn't heard about that Christian group and its proclamation. It sounds like they're implying violence will result from any ruling favorable to gay marriage. Should be interesting!

    I may be wrong, but I have a feeling the court will sidestep this issue somehow.

  10. Steve Reed- How can they? They accepted the case, didn't they? I don't understand how all of this works, obviously.

  11. Too much death has gotten me down. But to live a good long life and then go to sleep and die is my hope.


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