Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Groggy and Froggy

It has been the quietest of quiet days and I have done nothing even vaguely interesting except rescue another tiny green frog. And to be honest, that's really not very interesting.

I'm not sure how the little things are getting into the house but they always do and many of them perish for lack of water which is why they congregate around the sink. As darling as I think they are, I do not like to touch them- there is no logic there- and so I catch them in containers and let them free in a patch of wet border grass. 

The cucumbers and zinnias which I planted on Saturday are already breaking ground which I think is some sort of record. Not quite four days from seed to sprout. 
Still, not that interesting to anyone but me.  

Not all days are full of mystery, excitement, drama and excellent quotes from my grandson. They are resting days, I suppose, and I did take a nap this afternoon and had a variation on the back-in-school dream where you can't find your classroom and you know there's a final and you haven't even looked at the book and so forth.
This one was about graduation. I hadn't realized I was graduating and yet, it seemed I was. And was supposed to be giving a speech which I hadn't written and I hadn't taken a shower and I didn't know where the ceremony was to be held. 
The mind is an odd thing and I was glad to wake up although I felt out of sorts and groggy in the afternoon heat. Does the word groggy come from feeling as if you've been drinking grog? I am too lazy to look it up. Perhaps Hank will know. 

Anyway, Mr. Moon is home and safe, the soup is heating up, I have made one of those ridiculous bastard angel-food cakes out of a mix combined with a can of crushed pineapple and it has blueberries and almonds in it. I've lost my mind. 

Ah well. I've mopped a floor, I've made a note as to where the next magnolia blossoms will be opening, I've been quiet, I've had a walk, I've thought a lot about a lot of things and so it goes in Lloyd, and it has been fine with me. 


  1. Mary, dear

    I am glad you had a peaceful day, saved a frog and that Mr. Moon is safely home.

    I am just writing to thank you for your kind words posted on my blog. I am thrilled to pieces if I made you laugh.

  2. This city girl is mighty impressed that you saved that sweet frog that I would have run screaming from... I am not sure how I made it to my age thus far. Swwet Jo

  3. I vaguely remember that angel food cake from Weight Watchers days. It's rather disgusting, no?

    As for quiet days, I've written about messages on my underwear, so there it goes.

  4. Lo- I would rather make people laugh than anything. So thank-you again for your post today.

    Sweet Jo- Well, luckily, you CAN attain quite an age without ever touching a frog.

    Elizabeth- Yes, but that was amusing. Also, your picture was great. Hey! I love that angel food cake crap! But then again, as I have admitted, I love Velveeta too.

  5. Sounds like a great day, actually! I love those little green frogs. They get into my mom's house, too, but unfortunately we usually only find their tiny dessicated corpses.

    A quiet day is a good day. Kind of the "no news is good news" principle.

  6. I love that wee frog that you ushered to the great outdoors. I pick 'em up but not spiders. Spiders get their own jar with a lid.

    XX B

  7. The ordinary, quiet days are my favorite. My kids enjoyed that frog picture. :-)

  8. It took me awhile but I'm finally caught up on all your goings on.
    I love the way you string your words, lady! You make my eyes leak sometimes, the way you paint a picture with words.
    Have a fantastic day!

  9. "Groggy: Comes from the description of the feeling that many British sailors experienced when they would drink too much "grog," a mixture of rum and water. Grog is said to have taken its name from the nickname of "Old Grog" given to British Admiral Vernon by his sailors; much like Lord Mountbatten later, he was in the habit of wearing a kind of heavy coat of grogram, a coarse weatherproof fabric (the word comes from the French gros-grain). The sailors started to apply their nickname for him in a rather derisive way to their rations of rum, after he mandated in 1740 that they be diluted with water."

  10. The green tree frogs come in here as well. We call them Kermits. We try to get them outside before the cats eat them or they dry up. Raining here too.

  11. Steve Reed- We find those corpses too. Usually covered in dust. Owen is fascinated by them.

    Beth Coyote- Lord. I usually just let spiders be. Unless they're really huge and scary and yes, they get a cottage cheese container with a lid. For sure.

    Lora- Your kids would love Lloyd.

    heartinhand- Thanks, you sweet woman! I sure wish I could comment on your blog.

    Mr. Downtown- Now see. I knew you'd do that for me. You are such a good son. Plus, you know everything. I love you!


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