Saturday, June 29, 2013


Goodness gracious but I hit the ground running hard today. And what a lovely day it was, raining on and off and so I spent most of the day in the house. Mr. Moon and I moved the big old desk out of what is now officially our bedroom and out into the office where it looks like this.

Nice, right? 
We moved the vanity from our old bedroom into the new one

 and then of course, I had to start bringing pictures in from the old room and putting them up and I kept thinking about something that Bailey White had a character say in one of her books which was something like, "You move around the doilies on an end table and next thing you know, you're replacing all of the window treatments in the house." That wasn't it exactly but still, you get the idea and it's true. I had to rearrange the office and clean it up and set up the printer in there. 

That picture over the vanity is one my Uncle Jimmy painted when he was a boy studying art under Frank Baisden and it was always over my grandmother's bed and it has been over the fireplace in our old bedroom for nine years but now it's in the new bedroom. After I moved the vanity I put the pack-n-play where it had been standing for whatever baby sleeping requirements there may be. 

I made a cake and washed the sheets on the bed and kissed my husband every time our paths crossed whether deliberately or unplanned and I even took a little nap. 

I got up and Mr. Moon and I went out and collected eggs and checked out the garden and then got ready to go to town for pizza. It stormed like crazy on our way in but by the time we got to the restaurant, the skies had cleared. Here's Hank and Owen. 

My two first boys. 

After our pizza, Owen stuck the candles in the cake and we lit 'er up and he helped his Boppy blow 'em out. "Make a wish!" I cried. People forget, you know. And it's wrong to pass up that annual opportunity to make that wish, whatever it may be. I do believe in magic, a little bit, and if there is such a thing, it's got to be strong on birthdays. 

After supper we went back outside and this time, Boppy helped Gibson walk down the whatever-you-call-that-thing.

That little boy is getting so big. He sat in his high chair and tried to stab pizza with his fork and said what he always says when he eats which is, "Mo-ah?" 


That's what all my birthday wishes are. "More. Of this. Please." I look around at the faces and that's truly all I want. And that's what I wrote on my husband's card. That I just want mo-ah. I wouldn't be surprised if that wasn't what Mr. Moon was thinking when he and Owen blew out the candles but knowing my husband, it could have been something else entirely. Perhaps he wished for a big gator during this September's hunt. And you know what? That would be fine too. 

So it was a good day and we celebrated the finest man I've ever personally known and whom I have the honor and joy to be married to and to share my life with and we moved things around in the house and I might just be a little inspired to change things up some now, a mantel here, a sideboard there. Rearrange treasures and hell, maybe even find some different ones. 
Little altars everywhere, as Rebecca Wells said. 

Here's my side of the bed in its current incarnation. Subject to change at any time. 

My Lizzie gave me that picture for a birthday years ago. One of my sweet madonnas. 

So here we are, Mr. Moon and I, still the same but slowly evolving, just as the Panther Room is evolving from the guest room into our room. Some things change but some things remain the same. 

Because some things are just too damn good to change and contain within them all the light and funk and magic you could want. 

Sleep well, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Your home looks lovely. It seems like everywhere you turn there would be fun things to discover. Whenever I see tall Mr Moon with tiny Gibson it brings tears of tenderness to my eyes. It is just so darn sweet! I am glad you had a full, good day. Sweet Jo

  2. This was very nice to read. I guess the Panther room has a new incarnation, and it sounds like it was time. That bed does look mighty comfy. What do you think of the Sedaris book? Love you.

  3. Sounds like a great day! So, what of the magnificent bathroom of yours? Are you still keeping it adorned with all the beautiful things or did those get moved also? This is all so confusing! :-) You know I'm mostly joking, but a wee bit curious too!


  4. I love this -- all of it. Somehow that photo of Gibson walking with his Bop makes me think that he's going to be super tall. I don't know why I thought that, but I did. I'm glad that I might get to watch him get tall on this here blog.

    Good night, and happy birthday to your man.

  5. Things are overflowing in this post. And all in a good way. I think at a certain point in life you do get to where you use up your wishes with that simple word - more.

  6. I wish you more of all this. Nothing better!

  7. you home looks very nice..Hope you had a wonderful day !

  8. Happy birthday to Mr. M! It's great to move around the things in your house and find new ways to touch and experience them all again.

    I hope that David Sedaris book on your nightstand is good. I really need to add that to my reading stash, especially after the horrible things I've been reading lately.

  9. Mo-ah. Of this. Please.

    Do you know I came here this morning thinking, "I hope there is more on Mr. Moon's birthday." Or better yet--mo-ah. And there was. There was.

    My favorite pic was the one of your first two boys. That one warmed my heart the most. You're remarkable, Sister Moon. You are.

  10. Sweet Jo- I love watching my husband with his grandsons. It engenders a sort of love I never knew I could feel.

    SJ- Liked the Sedaris book a lot. I did.

    Ms. Fleur- The bathroom remains intact.

    Elizabeth- I thought the same thing when I looked at that picture. Those little legs are starting to lengthen, aren't they? Yes. What a joy (for me, at least) to watch these boys grow. Thank you for letting me share.

    Jill- Yep. Not more of anything but this. As it is.

    Angella- For me. Yes.

    Saranya- Hello blatant reader-seeker. (Was that rude?)

    Steve Reed- Yeah, it's a fun whirl. Some of it's a bit dark but the best humor always is.

    Gradydoctor- Sister Woman, I am blessed. You know that. I'm not remarkable but my life has been. And is.

  11. I am awaiting for my turn for the new David Sedaris book at the library. His writing always makes me laugh, dark though it is.

  12. Wonderful celebration, and i love your 'new' bedroom. Mo-ah of some things is always good. Things like love and hope. And magic is real, that's what I say! :)

  13. What a beautiful evening. I love your house and your many shrines, but that top room especially. Pinterest-worthy.

  14. Birdie- He surely can evoke a true laugh-out-loud response.

    Mary- I love my new bedroom too. I pretend there's magic, for sure, even though I'm not certain about the reality of it.

    Ms. Vesuvius- That room is separate from the house. It was the original kitchen. It is a gorgeous space.


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