Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Maybe I Should Wash My Crocs Before We Go

We had a very fine time at lunch today and then we went down to the New Leaf Market where we got to see Billy and seeing Billy always makes my day happier. He tickles Gibson and makes him laugh and then he says, "Too bad that kid isn't cute," which makes us all laugh. I told him that we are going down to Singer Island this weekend. Despite the fact that I've lived in Florida for fifty-three years, I had never even heard of this place until recently and whenever I mention it to anyone they sort of shake their heads and go, "Oh, Singer Island," and I don't know what they mean but I'm starting to get it.
What they mean is that it's hoity toity. Or, a rich-people place. Billy brought the whole thing more into focus when told me that his brother-in-law used to work down there and one night Billy and Shayla and the brother-in-law went to the fancy-schmancy bar of one of the hotels on the island and had an extremely good time.
"We were the only trash there," he said.

Oh Lord.

I have a feeling we might feel a little out of place on Singer Island. I have a feeling I might be the only person on the entire island who keeps chickens if you get what I'm saying. And actually (a word that Owen seems to be using with some regularity now) it's not an island but a peninsula.

Brenda, Mr. Moon's sister, told me a few months ago that I was in charge of researching stuff to do while we're there. My research so far has consisted of a few quick Google searches revealing not much unless you're in the market for a mansion, but I hear the shopping is really great. My plan is to get down there and check out the ubiquitous brochures to be found everywhere in the state of Florida where tourists might congregate. I figure the hotel will have a few suggestions too.
And of course, there's always the option of getting trashed by the pool.
One would hope that at the very least there will be some blogfodder. Maybe I could do a photo post of surgically enhanced breasts. I'm just assuming that we'll see some. I'm pretty sure there will probably be more of those than chickens on the island. Uh, peninsula.

Stay tuned.


  1. You'll bring some much needed spice to the island! Enjoy!

  2. Definitely wash the crocs or maybe dunk them in the swimming pool while you are there. The weekend sounds like a blast really. I am wanting to see pictures of the boys. Sweet Jo

  3. Singer Island? I've never heard of it either -- but I Google-mapped it and see that it's down by Palm Beach. I've been to Palm Beach but never Singer Island. Definitely report back!

  4. why are you going there? Just curious?

    Anyway, I'm sure ya'll will find a way to shake it up!

  5. The easternmost point in Florida is at Ocean Reef Park, the rocks.

  6. Angella- Oh, I doubt my presence will even register.

    Sweet Jo- I'll get some pictures of my boys today, most likely.

    Steve Reed- Will do!

    Ms. Fleur- It has to do with travel points.

    Magnum- Really? That's cool. Clarence Clemmons used to live on Singer but, as we know, not any more.

  7. Those Singer Island folks overrun Brevard in the summer months and expect everything to go their way. So we're better off than them already, I say.

    Drunk blogging. You should try it.

  8. Ms. Vesuvius- Try it? I thought I invented it!

  9. I'm sure that you will liven up the place. And bring some reality to those folks who don't know about chickens and frogs and gardening.


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