Friday, June 28, 2013

I am not having a good day so far. I woke up at six-thirty, aching so much that I just got up and I'm waiting on the phone guy and I've called my nurse practitioner's office and I have to go in at two and of course going to see a MEDICAL PERSON makes me want to die and I'm already about half there so no, I'm not having a good day.

I feel useless and stupid and crazy and weepy. My husband's birthday is tomorrow and I haven't done one damn thing for him. Not one.

That's me today. Useless, stupid, crazy and weepy. I'm like the seven dwarfs only minus a few.


  1. Hang in there, Mary... I hate feeling like that, so I know what you're going through. Let the docs poke and prod...I hate going to them too. I've had about enough of it for this lifetime. My son's birthday is Tuesday and I haven't even thought about it. sigh...

  2. It is a good day to shuffle around in your bathrobe.

    This is a quote that was passed on to me from another blogger. It made me feel a little less alone.

    "When tears come, I breathe deeply and rest. I know I am swimming in a hallowed stream where many have gone before. I am not alone, crazy, or having a nervous breakdown . . . My heart is at work. My soul is awake."
    — Mary Margaret Funk

  3. It's the virus/bacteria attacking the central nervous system. Rest.

  4. I'm sorry you still aren't feeling well. Maybe those "medical persons" can find you a cure. Ha ha. I'm sure all hubby wants for his birthday is for you to be ALL better. Try to get some rest today. Take care.

  5. Oh YUCK!!! I wonder if birthday celebration can be rescheduled to a time when the entire rest of the family isn't battling Strep... ugh!

    Sending you healing wishes. Wish I was there to bring over my mediocre chicken soup! :-)

  6. Oh Mary honey I sure hope you aren't getting the g.d. dreaded Strep crapcrap. Let your husband cook for once. Step down from work. Lie in bed with some iced tea. Also I think this I'm like the seven dwarfs only minus a few would make a terrific poem and/or short story title.

  7. I'm despondent. I'll be over momentarily to round out your crew...

    I hope you feel better soon. Being sick in the summer is probably the worst thing ever.

  8. Well, if you're positive for strep, you'll get something to knock it out.
    And if you aren't, probably what you're feeling is your own strong immune system's response to something minor. The iced tea suggestion sounds good...

  9. I finally had a minute to get over here. I love you. So sorry you are having such a lousy day.


  10. Maybe you have strep. You've certainly have been exposed. Also, I get very stressed when a loved one is having a birthday. I feel as if I am never equal to the task of pulling off what they DESERVE. so that could be part of your stress, too. Rest up. I love you.

  11. I am sorry you are feeling badly. Those viruses are the worst. I am sure Mr Moon will gladly postpone his birthday celebration until all of you are well. Sweet Jo

  12. Strep seems to be going around! I had it about three weeks ago and it made me miserable. Here's hoping that's not the case with you. Not fun. At all.

    Here's to feeling better Ms. Moon!

  13. Meet me in minneapolis?
    Okay, just feelbetter then!

  14. Akannie- I did and nothing much was revealed. We'll both pull off birthdays as needed, the best we can.

    Birdie- That's a great quote and I appreciate you giving it to me. Thank you.

    Elizabeth- You're right and I took another nap this afternoon which was like drowning in sleep. Like death but then I woke up.

    Angie- Medicine seems to me to be an art and some of the practitioners are artists and some are just not. Yes of course, science is involved but there is so much more. Thank you for commenting. I did get rest today. I am not adverse to resting.

    Ms. Fleur- Of course I am still able to cook. And when I can't- call the undertaker because death is nigh.

    Madame King- I bought iced tea today which I never do. Thank you for reminding me that such things are possible. And that sentence was the only part of that blog which was worth sending out into the world. Of course you would see that.

    Rachel- Despondent is a muchly under-used word. Thank you.

    A- All true. All true.

    Ms. Bastard Beloved- You know my every sorrow. Thanks, honey.

    Angella- That is it exactly with the birthdays. How can I prove my love in one day? Impossible.

    Sweet Jo- The kids and Lily are mostly recovered so all will be well. Thank you, sweetie.

    Lynne- Goodness. Sometimes I wonder if we don't pass this shit around on the internet. I know it's not possible but...

    Denise- Minneapolis? Is that on Mars? Well. Thanks for the invitation but I'll just take joy in your being there.

  15. Just loving Mr. Moon will be enough. I'm sure that you will figure out something good to cook for him or perhaps take him to lunch or dinner. Happy birthday to the Mister.


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