Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Little Like Religion, A Little Like Sex...

All right. Question- have any of you adopted a new reader yet in preparation for the departure of the Google Reader? It's time, I guess.
Change is so hard, is it not? And yet, I know that whatever reader I choose to use will be as familiar to me as Google's is within a month at the very most. This is the way of it.
But I would like to hear your recommendations because of course I want to make the RIGHT choice.

I spent a good bit of time in town today, gathering and hunting my ingredients.
I stopped at the post office on the way into town and a man entered right before I did. He was weaving and wobbling, and had a tallboy in a brown paper sack clutched in one hand. It was noon.
Welcome to Lloyd!
I recognized him from around the 'hood and went on in and said hello to him as we both bent to our tasks of spinning our little dials to open our boxes. He looked at me through appraising eyes and said, "I sure hope you feelin' as fine as you look."
Which cracked me up and made me love Lloyd even more.
I don't even know what I said, but for some perverse reason, he made me happy.
I was wearing the Frida Kahlo shirt and gold hoop earrings and one of my many Virgin of Guadalupe necklaces and my hair was braided down my back and although I did not feel as if I looked "fine"I did feel as if I were owning my hippie-ness, my I'm-old-and-I-can-wear-whatever-I-want-to-ness, and I carried that attitude with me all through my intown errands at the Co-op and the Best Buy and the World Market and the seafood market, which I especially like because there are always a huge number of people there of all ages, shapes, and colors waiting in line to buy locally caught seafood and I chomped my gum and waited my turn and flirted with a tiny girl on her grandmother's hip.

I have cooked and peeled the shrimp for tomorrow and made up the Key Lime pies. They are not really Key Lime pies in that the limes came from Mexico but at least the juice was fresh, squeezed by me with the aid of a funky, small citrus juicer I bought to make margaritas before a Jimmy Buffett concert about one million years ago and if you have anything nasty to say about Jimmy Buffett, you just go on and say it somewhere else because he saved my life one time and I love him and he wrote a song for my friend Bill Wharton, the Sauce Boss, yes, the man who gave me my sourdough starter and that song includes the line, "It's a little like religion, a little like sex, you should never really know when you're gonna get it next," and I don't care what you say, that's awesome.
And true.

Well, in the time it's taken me to write this I have reduced my broth to smoke and almost fire and so that experiment was a failure. God. I NEVER burn food. But tonight, it would seem that I have. I just hope my iron pot skillet is not ruined.
Lord. Maybe I'm not supposed to cook like anyone but me.

Saturday night.

I'm posting a video of that song if you want to watch it.

 Life is not a beach, no matter what they say, OR a Jimmy Buffett concert but a Jimmy Buffett concert can surely be a sweet thing in a life and the beach, like a Jimmy Buffett concert can save your life in certain situations.

Here's to Jimmy, here's to Bill Wharton (the second person I met in Tallahassee when I moved here, thirty-nine years ago), and here's to Hank whose birthday we're celebrating tomorrow. At least the venison is still fit to eat and so is the shrimp.

And the pies will be amazing.

Much love...Ms. Moon


  1. Discovered your wonderful blog by accident a few months ago and enjoy your writing so much.
    I love Jimmy Buffet and have been luck enough to tend one concert at Riverbend in Cincinnati and believe me Cincinnati is full of Parrot Heads.
    I don't comment very often on any blogs but when I read your post today and saw no comments I decided to fix that!

  2. This made me smile. As for google reader the depth of my ignorance is embarrassing to reveal. What exactly is going to happen when it goes away? Will our blog roll and followers disappear? See what I mean? No fucking clue.

  3. I downloaded Pulse, it's an app but it is NO google reader! Everyone might just have to get a "Subscribe" button on their blogs! Surely to god there will be a decent replacement.

    It never fails, when I cook for other people, I screw it up every time.

  4. Ha ha ha ha... Angela says she doesn't have a clue about this google reader but I couldn't get beyond the first line when you said something about adopting a reader and I wanted you to adopt me! How's that for ignorance??? Geez, I can't believe I even admitted that here... Sweet Jo

  5. Sounds like you and I cook the same, except I don't do venison...

    Have a happy time tomorrow and I wish you and your son many more.

  6. Kathie- Howdy and welcome! I think that the Parrothead Center of the Universe is in Cincinnati. Y'all need all the beach you can get.

    Angella- God. I don't know either but I can't chance it. I can't miss a day of you.

    heartinhand- I never screw up in cooking so tonight was a sort of mind-blow for me. Ah well. First time for everything.

    Sweet Jo- What? I'm NOT your adopted mother? Then why have I made you a cheese toast? You better get in here and eat it right now, Little Missy!

  7. I have been using "the old reader" - - as a replacement for the google reader and it's been great - short and simple, no extraneous fluff. For me, it's been perfect - in that I only ever used the google reader for blogs I follow - not for general news, not for whatever crap google thought I should read.

  8. Cool song. Thanks for sharing it - your blog exposes me to lots of random songs and/or artists.

    As far as the google reader thing goes, I've got nothing. I don't need a reader for my blog and I don't use one to go to all of the ones I read. They kind of confuse me!

    Ok, one of my wv words is blood. That disturbs me!

  9. Oops -- too bad about the broth, but oh well. These things happen.

    I am not a HUGE Buffett fan, but I get his appeal, particularly certain songs. (I haven't heard this one before.) When I read that biography of Richard Brautigan a couple of months ago I was surprised that he and Jimmy Buffett used to hang out together. Surprising, kind of, and yet not, given their inherent hippiness.

    Speaking of which, I love that story about the post office. Awesome!

  10. The pies do sound amazing because key lime is my favorite.
    A close encounter with an alkie at the PO. I like that he made you smile. LOL.

  11. e- I didn't do venison until my husband started bringing it home. It's a very fine meat, clean as hell and almost no fat.

    sarah- That's all I want too. Is there a phone app for it? Gotta have a phone app. (Can't believe I'm even saying that.)

    Jill- How do you know when one of the blogs you like has a new posting? I'm confused.
    This is my normal state of affairs, however, as we know.

    Steve Reed- The thing about Buffett is, is that he's written a bunch of really fine songs but all anyone knows is the handful that everyone knows and is so sick of. I can see him and Brautigan being buddies. Both extremely intelligent men although in very different ways. Why can't I remember to read that book?

    Syd- It did make me smile. We have some very nice folks who really drink a lot around here. I mean, if you're going to be a drunk, be a NICE one, right?

  12. Key lime is my all-time favourite! My favourite of Jimmy Buffett's when I was a kid was "Come Monday." That was before he went to the islands and before I did for that matter. Years later he started hanging out on the tiny island I was living on with my rastafarian husband. Years later again and his daughter went to school with the son we made on that island. Here he is playing for the graduating class:

    Bless his heart. He is a good dad and a true hippie. Seems he's always been there in the background of my life.


  13. I adore Jimmy Buffet, we can add that to our list :)

  14. I use the Old Reader too. Works just like google reader for me. easy to subscribe to all the blogs I followed before. easy to read.

  15. I have switched to Feedly. It automatically moves all your old google subs into your feedly account plus it saves all your starred items. Its more sophisticated to look at and works beautifully


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