Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I'll Be Taking MY Advil And You Better Believe It

I always hated it when my kids were sick. Okay, I still do. Thirty-seven years old, Hank is and when he got sick last December I insisted he come here and let me tend him and I worried and I fretted until he got better by sheer strength of will so that he could go home and be in peace.
And today Owen was sick. He had a fever when he got here and was sad-eyed and fussy and refused to take the Children's Advil and Lily and I plotted when he was out of the room and I made him a juice drink and he sucked it down and yes, it had Advil in it and Owen suspected we would do that and he asked me if there was medicine in it and not quite lying, I said, "It's juice."

And he immediately got better and we had the best time this afternoon. When Gibson fell asleep for a nap Owen put the Rolling Stones on the CD player and we got the silly ring frisbee thing and we played frisbee on the stairwell and danced and danced and he showed me his Mick Jagger moves, hands on hips, strutting and bouncing and he can do this jump up in the air thing and come down and almost do a split and we laughed and we laughed. When his Boppy came home he latched onto him and they played Wii games and he was so merry and happy.

Then we sat down for supper and he said, "I so chilly," and I felt his head and the fever was back and he wouldn't take his medicine and he wanted a bath and so I gave him and his brother a bath and he got more and more miserable by the second.

I tried and tried to talk him into taking the Advil but he wouldn't and by the time he left, he was crying and I felt horrible, terrible, and I wanted so badly to make him feel better but I couldn't and his daddy will take wonderful, such good care of him and his mama will be home from work soon but I just could hardly stand it.

After they left, a storm came up and the house shook with the thunder and the lightening and the rain hit the roof like bullets and then I kicked something in the hallway and damn, it was a fucking tiny bat, weighed down by dust and Mr. Moon had to take him outside and it's that sort of evening.

I think I will go to bed very soon. The storm has dwindled to a more gentle rain, AND AS GOD IS MY WITNESS A FROG JUST DROPPED FROM THE CEILING?! SIX INCHES FROM MY COMPUTER.

Yes. I think bed is called for. I sure hope that Jason got Owen to take that Advil. I have no idea why he fights it so. Hell, I tasted it. It tastes as good as a grape Popsicle, or at least certainly no worse.

And I hope that tomorrow my grandson wakes up feeling much, much better.
I would wish that for all of us.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I hope your sweetie is better soon and that no other critters visit without being invited.

  2. Poor Owen. I hope he feels better soon. I hope you get a good night's rest and the frogs and bats, I just don't know how you do it but I have a feeling you are a better person than I cause I'd die. And you probably think I am kidding. Sweet Jo

  3. Oh poor sweet boy. Usually kids bounce back up pretty quickly.
    As for the bats and frogs.....I'd have a bad case of the critter jitters if I were you. I'be be going to bed wound into mosquito netting or kevlar or something.....

  4. Isn't it bizarre that he resists the medicine so much? You'd think after he felt how much better it made him, he'd be open to it. I guess cause-and-effect hasn't quite come together in his mind.

    Strange about the bat!

  5. Feel better Owen. Maybe your Mer will take some video of those Jaggar moves so we can see them too!

    Keep groovin'

  6. Oh, I hope he's sleeping soundly, no fever, as I type this near midnight on the west coast. The other day, my twelve year old son had a splitting headache and was literally crying from the pain, but he would NOT swallow an Advil. He would NOT. He gagged and literally screamed how he COULDN'T do it, and it was all really too much. I had a hard time not slapping him, frankly.

  7. Whew, I was sick as a dog. I'd somehow forgot that.

  8. I hope that he will feel better today. I remember that my mother would give me the orange flavored children's aspirin. They were actually good.

  9. Do you remember Liquiprin? I suppose they took that off the market here because of the connection to Reyes Syndrome and giving aspirin to young children, but I remember taking that as a small kid (I'm in my 50's) and that stuff was tasty! Pink sugary liquid in a dropper. I don't think any kid ever refused that stuff. Hope Owen's better today and Gibson stays free of the bug.

  10. aw, it is so hard when they're sick. I hope he's better in the morning!

  11. Yobobe- Well, Owen does feel better today but there are no end to the critters here. I just have to face that fact.

    Sweet Jo- Well, I'd die if I had to live in an apartment in a city, most likely. We all have our issues. But you know what? We are probably capable of more than we know.

    Denise- Kevlar. Haha. I'm considering it.

    Steve Reed- We couldn't TELL him he'd had the Advil that we snuck into his juice. Bad enough we fooled him.

    Ms. Fleur- I have to figure out the video thing.

    Elizabeth- God. I understand. "Well enjoy your headache, dear." Smack.

    Mr. Downtown- I haven't. I was traumatized because MY KID WAS SICK!

    Syd- They don't let kids take aspirin anymore. Seriously. Those orange flavored aspirins were great, weren't they? Of course, I didn't get much candy so I thought they were fine and tasty.

    Anonymous- I don't remember that stuff! Just the orange flavored tablets. St. Joseph's, I think.

    Lora- He was. Thank you, honey.


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