Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Thank You, Ellen Abbott

I knew one of you would know the name of that plant which is threatening to take over my yard, then Lloyd, then Florida, then the world.
Ellen Abbott figured it out. It's Cherodendrum Bungei, also known as Rose Glory Bower, Kashmir Bouquet and MEXICAN HYDRANGEA!
I put that in caps because I had a feeling the word "Mexican" might be in there. As much as I love the country and so much of what it has given to us and I have adopted some of the culture for myself and I  have a secret and desperate dream to live there part of the year, eventually, I have discovered that any plant which has the name "Mexican" in it is going to take over your yard and that's all there is to it and that is NOT a metaphor, not in any way, it's just an observance.

I once talked a couple into taking back a pot of Mexican bluebells they had purchased at Lowe's. They were in the parking lot, loading the pot into their car and I was Miss Don't Mind Your Own Business and convinced them that they were making a big mistake and they believed me and took it back.
That was my good deed for the day.

Thank you, Ellen.

Now I know. But what in hell am I going to do with them? Even goats won't eat them?
Pull and burn, I guess.
Pull and burn.
After they're finished blooming because dammit, they're mighty pretty.


  1. you are quite welcome. I have them in the yard of the city house. they spread underground and come up in the cracks in the concrete! by mexican blue bells I assume you mean the mexican or wild petunia. also highly invasive, especially the skinny leaved variety. but so gorgeous when they bloom.

  2. I would pay money ( if i had it ) to come spend a day with you, drinking iced tea and pulling plants and sweating and sitting on your porch. xo

  3. Don't ever plant lemon balm or Chinese lanterns, either...perhaps they have alternative Mexican names as well? :)

  4. From all this good advice I'm thinking I should cover a hillside with lemon balm, Chinese lanterns and Mexican bluebells.

  5. So many species introduced and managing to mess up the ecosystem. Your good deed was good!

  6. Ellen Abbott- Yes. The skinny-leaved variety. They are indestructible.
    Thank you again.

    Maggie May- I have extra gloves.

    Mama D- Lemon balm doesn't spread as badly here as mint does. I have both planted in an old wagon but the chickens seem to love the mint. They've left the lemon balm alone though.

    A- Proceed at your own risk, my dear.

    Syd- No kidding!

  7. They are pretty. Maybe you can leave just a small, manageable plot of them? Or would that require too much management?

    They would probably shield the baby chickens from hawks quite effectively. :)


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