Saturday, June 29, 2013

When It's Your Birthday

You get eggs and bacon and biscuits and grits and peeled tomatoes.
And so it is for Mr. Moon this morning, this drippy morning here in Lloyd.

I woke up feeling so much better and actually cheerful. I debated about whether or not a martini would be a good thing or a bad thing last night and decided that it didn't matter. I was having one. Turned out to be a good thing and I made a supper which involved the first and only (most likely) fried green tomatoes of the season and we ate those things with great joy. I slept as if I'd been training for the Sleep Event my entire life and I had sweet, funny dreams and I'm sure that had a lot to do with how I feel this morning.

So I cooked this man, this birthday boy, crispy bacon from the store and eggs from our hens and a tomato from the garden and I whipped up those biscuits about as fast as my mother could have popped a can of them and we sat out on the back porch and ate and there were blackberry preserves. I don't know about him but so far, I'm having a great birthday day and I believe I will continue to do so. This year he wants a German Chocolate cake which is the same cake I made him our first year together when we were both just turning twenty-nine and were staying at the beach with his mama and daddy and sister and brother-in-law and their kids and mine. I was still way shy into the relationship and was a bit overwhelmed, surrounded as I was by his people but that was where his daddy put his arm around me and told me that they were so glad their son had met me because he was so happy. He was back to being his real, true self, and that had a lot to do with my perspective on the whole matter and here we are, thirty years later and German Chocolate cake has come back up on the wheel and I will enjoy making it. I think we might go get pizza tonight with the kids and I'll bring candles and the cake and Owen will help me decorate it.
Everyone is feeling better and glory hallelujah on that!

I am thinking back on that first birthday I spent with him and I wonder who those young people were, how they had the nerve to think they could buck the odds and get together and make something lasting, something true. Well, we did and we made two more babies while we were at it and now there's the two grandbabies and some things remain the same. He's still way too tall, I'm still shy to be around other people, he still likes German Chocolate cake and I still like to make it.
And we still love each other.

Happy birthday, my love. Let's try for another thirty years of beaches and babies and bacon and tomatoes and love. It's been an adventure so far and I don't know why it can't continue to be so, albeit a different sort of one which could be a good thing in that some of it's been hard, as life will tend to be. But you've always been there for me and me for you and we do our best to love each other the way we would want to be loved and I guess that's the secret if there is one.

And biscuits.

I'm so glad you were born.

I'm so glad you're my husband.

Always...Your wife, Mrs. Moon


  1. Reading this made me happy. I can feel your happiness. You are always so good at realizing the goodness that is your life (without that stupid sugar-coating that many bloggers add). You deserve your happiness. Have a great day!

  2. There is so much love here, even in the breakfast. You and Mr. Moon are just so full of light and love. I am sending you both the biggest and best of birthday hugs and wishes. My heart is with you.

  3. Happiest Birthday to Mr Moon.
    love to you both,

  4. Yeah!! Glad to you feel better and just in time for a martini! That breakfast looked GOOD. Now I have a taste for grits so off to the Waffle House we go! That's the only place we can get grits this time of day and I ain't cooking any. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mr. Moon. Hope you all have a great day! :)

  5. Happy Birthday Glenno! We miss you and love you and are wishing for your birthday wishes to come true.
    xoxxoo min, marc and Harley

  6. Happy birthday to Mr. Moon! It sounds like an entirely wonderful day.

  7. Happy Birthday, MoonMan! I'm happy, too, that you found each other. May you have many more moons together.

  8. Awww man. Happy Birthday, Mr. Moon. We are Bop fans over here. Keep doing what you do and loving the way you love.

    A Moon Fan

  9. Awww this is so sweet and great. Love that you share your stories. Thank you and Happy Birthday Mr Moon.

  10. You always manage to come through! I am glad you are feeling better, glad Mr Moon birthday man will have the cake he desires and really glad you are going out to dinner. You are the best! Sweet Jo

  11. I'm glad he's my dad! You know, I was just honestly thinking the other day (in the shower, of course, where you think these things) about all the blessings that divorce brought into my life.

  12. A blessed marriage and a blessed life.
    Many happy returns of the day!

  13. Yay for beautiful birthdays and tons of love.. and biscuits and bacon! I'm so glad you're feeling better. :). And i'm glad your grandsons are better. Strep thriat is frightening! Here's to 30 or more... More years for you and the Mister! And happy birthday to him!!

  14. Wishing many happy returns of the day to your wonderful Husband.

  15. Happy Birth Day to the Moon Man and his Lady Love!
    x0 N2

  16. Hank -I understand completely and totally.

  17. Everyone- I read all the comments to Mr. Moon on our way into town. He smiled. Thank you. It is such a joy for me to be able to share how special this man is. Hell, he's put up with me for all these years and he's made my dreams come true. Even the ones I never dared to dream.
    What more can I say?
    Thank you. Again and again. And again.


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