Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I'm A Human Being

I've got to start getting out to walk before nine a.m. That or just admit that I am trying to kill myself. The part of my walk in the picture above is fine. Shaded and coolish but there are parts of the walk in the sun and they are not as pleasant. Add to that a random hot flash or so and I come home stinking like an adolescent boy, red as a beet and dripping with sweat.

Lovely image, right?

Well that's the deal. That's the truth.

I don't have a damn thing to talk about today except for a few things that really do not need to be discussed here because they would probably come under the heading of "mean gossip and observations."
Yes. I sweat, I stink, and I'm mean.

But I'm in a pretty good mood anyway.

I hope you are too.


  1. Where did I read that gossip is a good thing?


  2. All things considered, I am in a pretty good mood as well. I am going to go into my garden soon and finish planting some annuals. Life is good.

  3. Alice Roosevelt Longworth said, "If you can't say something good about someone, come sit next to me!" Always liked that one. Glad you are in a relatively good mood even if you are not inspired to dish gossip today!

  4. I have some mean gossip and no one to share it with. I have juicy gossip too, with nowhere to go. But I have sushi too, so all things considered I'm coming up roses.

    Good afternoon to you.


  5. Elizabeth, you may have read that on my blog.

  6. Gossip is bad in that it has the power to change another's opinion about the one being gossiped about. I am trying to refrain but it is so satisfying to gossip, especially when the one you are gossiping to agrees with you. I feel mean too because even though I am working on this, my insides scream to let it all out. Being sweet on the outside may be a big ole farce. Sweet Jo

  7. Elizabeth- Oh. It is. Just maybe not mean gossip.

    Birdie- Sometimes we just have to let go and go plant something.

    Mama D- Yep. An old one but a good one!

    Ms. Vesuvius- Oooh. I wish you could tell me.

    Madame King- It is possible.

    Magnum- Not in my case, dear.

    Sweet Jo- It is human nature to love to gossip. And don't tell me you're mean on the inside! I can't take it!

  8. A good sweat is supposed to be healthy!

  9. It is getting too humid for walks outside so I will do cycling instead to create my own breeze. Or go to the gym. Sounds like a good day anyway.


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