Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Best Thing Ever On The Internet

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jo. 

Now. Go HERE.
Do it.
Oh, we poor ego-driven, self-centered humans.
We need to get over ourselves sometimes. Bless our hearts.


  1. I love Wil!

    My dad used to always say "if god didn't want us to play with ourselves, he'd have put our stuff out of reach!"

  2. I love that! Only problem is, God never said don't masturbate. Sounds like something a mom might say though, lol.

  3. We do need to get over ourselves but when we are so stuck in our selfishness, that's hard to do,

  4. Joanne- Wasn't it?

    heartinhand- Sort of front and center, isn't it?

    Anonymous- I believe there are a few places in the Bible that warm men off from spilling their seed. The Catholic church has a lot to say about it. And I don't believe that I'm qualified to say what God did or did not say about anything. Especially since I really don't believe in that sort of a god.

    Syd- It's a big flaw in our mental design if you ask me.

  5. LOL -- hilarious! I remember Christopher Hitchens, in his book "God is Not Great," making a point similar to the one Heartinhand makes above. Like, why would God give us hands that reach approximately to our hips and then command us not to masturbate? What cruel trick of design is that?!

  6. We are leading parallel lives! My daughter and I were looking at random pinterest posts and this one came up. We thought it was one of those enlightening you are here things until we got to the end. We almost fell off our kitchen stools laughing. It is just too perfect.
    I scrolled back up and showed her the earth and said when men wrote their religious books, they didn't even know the earth was round, let alone part of a solar system, and kept scrolling through the universe of things tiny brains still struggle to comprehend, and it was a revelation the second time.
    And I love Will Wheaton, and I follow him all over the internet. He's awesome.
    So are you for posting this.


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