Thursday, June 6, 2013

Excellent Adventures

Well, as these things so often go, the trip to Dog Island was canceled although now, it looks as if the storm will pass well east of us and so it goes. One must err on the side of caution, of course, and that is what the captain of the boat who was to take Hank and his rowdy band of pirates across the bay did.
Somehow I feel personally responsible, but of course I am not except for that whole wrong-time-of-conception thing.
For that, I forgive myself.

It is, however, still raining although not so much. We have a few small branches down as we always do when it rains but our across the street neighbor had a major branch fall on his truck in his yard and the power company truck is over there now. I am shocked (haha!) that we haven't lost power.

I had some of the most fun today I've had in forever. This is ridiculous in that what I did was go to the doctor with Lily and the boys for Gibson's 15 month check up and then to lunch and then to Publix. That was it. Well, there were more errands but those were the fun ones.
Here's a picture of the boys at the doctor's office.

That doctor had more toys than a preschool and he's a family practitioner and not even a pediatrician. The boys consider their visits there to be something akin to a really fun outing with the only downside being a possible injection and they use two nurses so they get that job done fast, fast, fast and the tears have barely begun before they've over and the bandaid slapped on then life goes on and there are more toys to play with! I've never been to this particular doctor's office but he's mighty laid back. He says things like, "If you decide to get it, the immunization recommended today would be..."
And he advised a little Vit. B for after the shot to help with any symptoms. 
To tell you the truth, this man IS my doctor, technically, since he's my nurse practitioner's backup doctor so it was nice to meet him. 

I was in the jolliest mood and only teared up a little when Gibson's eyes grew wide when they gave him the shot and everywhere we went we had to walk through rain, juggling umbrellas and of course Owen wanted to carry the umbrella which is a bit tricky in that he is half my height. But all of it just amused me today, even when we went to lunch and there was a great deal of noise and so forth from the boys. Lily was not as amused as I was but then again, Jason has worked about four hundred hours this week so she's a tiny bit burned out. I understand. 

Publix was even more fun and I actually RAN down a few aisles with Owen and I'm not sure why but it was silly and good. We were playing a game, trying to find Mommy and Gibson although it was harder to lose them than to find them because Gibson was imitating a duck with great, loud, gravelly quacks you could hear all over the store but we managed or at least pretended to. I don't know. It just felt glorious to be a grandmother today and in some perverse way, I felt younger than I've felt in a long time, being that grandmother. I just wanted to eat them up, those boys, I wanted everyone to know that these beautiful children were MY grandchildren and aren't I lucky? 

When we got back to Lily's, Owen demonstrated his karate moves to me. They were amazing, I tell you. If I were an attacker, I would be stunned into submission by the very speed of his punches, the windmilling arms. Oh yeah. He is going to take real karate soon but I will be a little sorry to see these moves tamed. 

And then the bank. Ah. The bank. Another lady and I were waiting to see a manager and I let her go first because her 93-year old mother was in the car, waiting and and I said, "My mother is dead so it's okay. I'm in no rush."
Turns out that I needed paperwork which of course I did not have and actually, I think I've given over all the paperwork to my brother and so I DON'T have it and hell, we'll figure it out but it wasn't really a bother, sitting in the bank which had a lot of windows, watching the rain come down. 

And it still comes down and I'm going to make squash croquettes and heat up the last (god, I hope) of the soup and it's cool and I hope we can sleep with the windows open, the rain pattering outside. The boys are coming in the morning and we will play and play all day. Games and puzzles and books and pretend and snacks and Owen can catch some of these frogs which seem to be multiplying in the kitchen and on the porch and right now, Mr. Moon and our neighbor are walking back from the garden, each with an umbrella, the chickens following behind, and this has been a good day, a rainy day, a day of soft air and silly play. A day where I was not the mother or even the grandmother-in-charge, but just the old MerMer, in charge of nothing but fun and kisses and tickles and the garnering of amused and envious looks from other women my own age in waiting rooms, in grocery store aisles, in a restaurant, even in the Publix bathroom where I told Owen that he needed to stick his hands under the faucet and it would come on by magic and it did. 


  1. My namesake (Monroe) is getting so big!!

    So glad you had a good day with the boys. You've sent the rain up this way, so we'll get it tomorrow. I played softball in the rain tonight :)

  2. I love the rain so, so much. And little kids in the rain!

  3. SJ- Big and funny, too. He makes me laugh. I'm glad you're playing softball. It sounds like you're really enjoying it.

    Maggie May- And don't they love it too? Yes.

  4. This day of yours has such a lovely light step. You make me look forward to my kids kids.

  5. You know what I love is you running in the aisles of Publix with those boys and being amused at their antics while also holding compassion for their less-than-amused mother. I just think that says it all. And fun is just wherever we make it, isn't it? I laughed out loud at your mother comment.

  6. This is a priceless post with Owen holding Gibson in his lap and Gibson on the phone, to Gibson's quacking sounds, to your letting the lady with the mother in front of you at the bank and saying your mother was dead, to the wonderful feeling of the envious stares from others to the magical water spout. A day to be cherished indeed. Sweet Jo

  7. This was the perfect post to read before bed. So light and warm and loving.

  8. Sounds like a terrific day, once again. Seems like terrific days are often guaranteed when those boys are involved! And in the middle of a tropical storm, no less!

  9. Glad that the storm passed without incident. Wish that Hank could have made it over but probably the water would have been rough, and prudent mariners have to be responsible!

    LOL on running down the aisles in Publix. I haven't seen that in the store where we go. We kind of saunter but they do have those carts that look like cars for the kids.

  10. Way to go Mer Mer! I'm glad it was a fun day of grand-mothering

  11. Angella- I'm telling you- you will love it like nothing you've ever loved in your life.

    Ms. Vesuvius- Hell. It was just the truth.
    I sure did have fun. But I could understand Lily not being quite so amused. I was a mother of young'uns myself not THAT long ago.

    Sweet Jo- Thank you for making me feel so READ. I mean it.

    Elizabeth- It was a good day.

    Steve Reed- It was not much of a storm here, believe me.

    Syd- Yes. The boys always ride in those race car carts although Owen never wants to sit in them for long. I think "Prudent Mariners" would be either a great band name or a terrific book title.

    Heartinhand- Grandmothering is surprisingly delightful sometimes.


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