Monday, June 10, 2013

I've got the one-pot meal on the burner and I added some chopped peppers left over from yesterday and a bag of spinach because spinach is good in everything and I've got some lovely chickens breasts cooking with portabella mushrooms to go with and I've swept and done laundry and washed the sheets and put them back on the bed and cleaned out the desk in our bedroom in preparation for moving it and all of a sudden I am so tired. So very tired.
But it's a good tired and there will be clean sheets tonight to sleep on.

I had a good lunch with Old Fred and we dined at a place called Newt's which I had never heard of and I got salad with arugula and salmon and it was pretty good but I didn't realize until we were finished and leaving that there was a place to get all sorts of things to put on your salad like pickled peppers and I don't know what all and also breadsticks and I said, "Freddy! They have breadsticks! I could have had breadsticks!" and he laughed and tried to get me to take a nicely wrapped package of them, like a long package of chopsticks but I didn't. I was full. I stopped and bought David Sedaris' new book to read to Mr. Moon as we travel up to Nashville this weekend for the services for my friends' daughter. How could we not go?

I just went and stirred the pot and the kitchen smells of fresh basil and tomatoes and garlic and outside, here on the porch, it smells of wet earth and green growing things. I bought okra seeds today too and hope to get them in the ground before we leave although I always vow never to grow okra again. It is prickly and spiny and it draws the red ants like nobody's business and for that reason, I hate it but it is a beautiful plant, nonetheless, related to the hibiscus and its blooms are a wonder and then come the tiny green penises of the baby okra and they grow and so I plant it and I'll curse it again, I know I will.

I'll let you know how the supper goes.

Sweet dreams...Ms. Moon


  1. The new Sedaris is a bit darker than normal -esp the end stories. "Dentists without Borders" and "Obama" were my favorite chapters.

  2. i can't wait for the recipe review. it sounds delicious.
    happy birthday to Hank and his Mom.

  3. I am sure you ARE tired and yet you still managed to do quite a bit. Maybe it's your grand boys that keep you so active most of the time. Whatever it is, it is awesome, so much so that I am going to pretend I too have that much energy and be just like you. Sweet Jo

  4. The only way I like okra is fried -- my god, I love that. My mother, though, is Syrian and they used to cook okra a lot -- with lamb and rice and while some thing it's delicious, I find it cooked that way revolting. So slimy.

    There's my mini food review, just what you wanted, no?

  5. I didn't know Sedaris has a new book. Excellent!

    As for okra, not a fan. And not because of the ants. I can't get past that texture.

  6. SJ- I've always felt he had a dark side. I guess his humor is how he deals with things.

    Ms. Yo- It was darn good.

    Sweet Jo- It just never seems like I'm really getting anything done, although I know this is not true.

    Elizabeth- Slimy okra will not do. I cook it with tomatoes and onions and the slime factor is almost nil. Fried okra is, of course, the best, but pickled okra is a treat and no slime at all.

    Steve Reed- See above.

  7. We'll be planting more okra seeds soon. I really like it. But my wife is not a fan. This morning we picked blueberries. They were awesome.


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